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A spring clean does wonders for your home and your inner health – the difference a clean carpet, uncluttered drawers, and a neatly arranged freezer can make is nothing short of astounding. So if treating your home with the love it deserves can be so rewarding and have such an impact on the health of your mind and body, why not do the same for yourself? Here are six tips for spring cleaning your body to help achieve a better and brighter you.

organic food

1. Go organic

Take a look at the products you use daily – are they full of good, healthy ingredients? If not, then are they contributing to your sense of wellbeing, or are they detracting from it? You wouldn’t ingest chemicals, so why rub them into your skin day in day out? Try and replace any harsh products with natural options. This idea also applies to food and drink – always read the labels, and don’t presume that a product that insinuates it is healthy really is.

2. Swap your snacks

It’s the most obvious answer, but the food you eat is absorbed by your body and becomes your fuel. Swapping your sugary, fatty snacks for more nutritious, high-energy options, such as nuts, will provide you with more vitality and improve your overall health, including the quality of your hair, skin and nails.

3. Meditate

Achieving a little bit of inner harmony can do wonders for your mood, your concentration, your energy, and can have fantastic knock-on effects. There are groups and classes you can join to help, although it is just as effective in your own home, and if you’re unsure how to achieve mindfulness there are a multitude of helpful and completely free meditation apps to get you started.


4. Try cutting out wheat

Many people experience a feeling of sluggishness that comes from a mild wheat intolerance, and is simply misattributed. Wheat contains an appetite-stimulating property, making you want to eat more, and also contains agglutinin that raises blood sugar and disrupts intestinal health. Removing this from your diet and substituting it with a wheat-free option could drastically alter your feeling of health.

5. Clear out your make-up

Since you’ve gone to the effort of decluttering the house, declutter your make-up bag too (if you wear it of course). Make-up has quite a short shelf life, and past the recommended time-frame (see the packet for guidance) can expire and cause you skin problems. Skin ailments are then covered up with make-up, further irritating them, and creating a cycle of poor inner and outer health.

6. Go outside

Whether it’s a simple stroll, a perfectly still lounge in the park with a good book, a full on run, a marathon, or a cycle around the block – stretch your legs and get yourself some fresh air! No-one is asking you to go to the extreme and become a crazed exercise enthusiast, but simply going outside is a proven therapy for many physical and mental issues. Studies have shown that walking around a forest lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and boosts the immune system.

As a person you owe yourself the opportunity to live the most fulfilling life you can, and much of the secret to that idea is achieving a clean mind and body. Making fairly simple steps in the right direction will clearly show that taking care of yourself has a whole host of positive effects including, but not limited to, boosted energy, improved happiness, healthier organs, reduced blood pressure, eliminated stress, a clearer mind, and many other benefits – both measurable and immeasurable. If your house deserves a cleanse, then you certainly do too, and these six easy steps are just the starting point for inner and outer happiness.