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For the older generation, remaining independent despite the many signs of aging and failing health becomes increasingly important. Ensuring their home is as safe as possible is often the most important aspect of their lives, however our research suggests that the home cans still throw up some unwanted risks. Our research from our ground-breaking house hold injury and falling report, found that 75% of injuries are caused due to loss of balance or other personal failing.

The stigma

Astonishingly nearly a third of over 55s believe they, or an elderly relative, would refrain from telling a family member if they were to fall in the home.  These results show that there is clearly a stigma attached to falling at home. An explanation for this is the fear of being seen as “vulnerable” and suggests a lack of support in the home. Aging is a natural process, but it can also feel debilitating if a relative isn’t being supported to facilitate their need for independence.

The conversation

Falling can have devastating consequences, which is why it isn’t uncommon for many of us to live in fear of becoming a victim. The facts and figures generated from the report, has shown just how many of us feel the similar burden of the risk of injury in the home.

It’s important to open up the conversation of the fear of falling with family and friends, as it will encourage others to know they are not alone. It will help others to realise that they too have a voice, and precautions can be made to help prevent falling from happening in the future.


Source: Falling up report

Precautionary measures

Many of us aren’t aware of the many risks in the home and how to safety proof our homes to prevent accidents. Take a closer look in different rooms in the house and give your home a thorough assessment to see if you can spot any potential hazards in the home.

With just a few home adjustments the home can transform into a hazard free environment. For example, clutter is one of most dangerous obstacles in home. Decluttering should be a slow and thoughtful process to manage your belongings. In the bathroom, you may want to install our easy grip grab bars for extra security to manoeuvre yourself in and out of the walk-in bath or walk-in shower safely.

Health and safety measures have significantly improved in the workplace; however, the report suggests there has been a lack of focus on every day dangers in the home. This report has been produced to help raise awareness of injuries that occur at home, and we hope you’re able to share these findings amongst your family and friends. Let’s keep the conversation going.