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TED’s innovative talks are always interesting, often funny, sometimes heart-breaking and just occasionally awe-inspiring and life-changing. Almost every topic under the sun has been tackled, from saving the rainforests with science to complex existential concepts, and you can always expect to be enlightened with a TED talk.

One particular subject which TEDx has tackled with aplomb is ageing – there have been numerous talks by inspirational elderly orators who deal with everything from ageism to mortality. In this article, we’re going to take a look at nine of the most inspiring ageing-related TEDx talks, complete with links to view them:

TEDx1) Ramona Pierson’s “An unexpected place of healing

At the age of just 22, Ramona Pierson was in an accident. She recovered in a nursing home, and it opened her eyes on just how much older generations have to offer.

2) Peter Saul’s “Let’s talk about dying

In this talk, Dr Peter Saul shares his approach towards improving end-of-life care, with an enlightening suggestion on how to “occupy death”.

3) Laura Carstensen’s “Older people are happier

Using her research as a psychologist, Laura Cartensen sets out to prove that people become happier as they age – even with ever-growing life-expectancies. The backbone of the talk focuses on how we’re more likely to see our priorities more clearly when we don’t have all the time in the world left to procrastinate.

4) Alanna Shaikh’s “How I’m preparing to get Alzheimer’s

After watching her father succumb to Alzheimer’s disease, Alanna Shaikh decided to try and prepare herself for the possibility of becoming terminally ill – which involves being more open to what to do for fun, being physically fitter, and, most crucially, becoming a nicer person.

5) Kevin Stone’s “The bio-future of joint replacement

Arthritis need no longer be a source of constant pain if Kevin Stone gets his way – he works with lab-grown tissues to eliminate arthritis – which he argues ruins more lives than even cancer.

6) Steve Jobs’ “How to live before you die

Few lived a life as interesting as former Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs, and in this commencement speech at Stanford University he encourages us to embrace every opportunity life can throw at you, even when faced with multiple setbacks. In this inspiring talk, Jobs asks himself “would I want to do what I am about to do today if I was living the very last day of my life?”

7) Philip Zimbardo’s “The psychology of time

Philip Zimbardo is the psychologist behind the famous Stanford Prison Experiment (1971). His suggestion that changing our outlook on time can help improve our everyday lives, quipping that he is “more energetic”, “more productive” and “happier than ever” at the tender age of 76.

8) Jane Fonda’s “Life’s third act

For years Jane Fonda graced the big screen, before turning to activism and fitness. In this talk, Jane takes a look at the best ways to make the most out of our pensionable years, by breaking down the stereotype that old age has to mean a slow decline.

9) Dan Buettner’s “How to live to be over 100

By sharing lifestyle strategies that some of the world’s oldest living people have in common, Dan Buettner explains how to live longer – by surrounding yourself with friends.

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