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Designing a disabled bathroom is often more difficult than you think. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of stylish bathroom products available for the home.

Searching for standard bathroom fittings and furniture is simple. In fact, you have quite a lot of choice available if you’re not disabled. However, with disabled products in mind, designers tend to focus purely upon functionality rather than aesthetic design.

The good news is there are some disabled bathroom ranges out there that can enhance the home as well as your bathing experience. Bathing Solutions is one of the companies that have made it easier to create the bathroom of your dreams.

The Bathing Solutions experience

As any disabled person or carer knows, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for disabled people. They tend to be placed into one category, though their needs can be very different.

Take a look at public disabled toilets for example and you’ll see they are often designed in the same way. Bathing Solutions focuses upon the individual needs of each customer. They talk through your needs and come up with a solution to suit you and your home.

From walk in showers and baths to wet rooms and spa extras; Bathroom Solutions has something for every home. The products come in a range of finishes and you can choose from a range of stunning colours. Who says a disabled bathroom has to be boring?

Open access Imperial walk in shower

Creating a relaxing bathroom experience

If you want the most relaxing bathing experience, you need a bathroom that caters to all of your specific needs. Safety is one thing that you really need to pay attention to. As well as investing in walk-in baths and showers, you should focus on accessories too. Hand grips can be a great addition to the bathroom, as can slip resistant floors. If you’re investing in a Bathroom Solutions wet room, they come already fitted with slip resistant flooring which is one major advantage.

If you have the money you could even fit an automatic bathroom door and an intercom for additional privacy. One of the main struggles disabled people have is keeping their independence and privacy.

Walk in baths and showers ensure no help is needed to get in and out. Intercom systems are there if you need help and an automatic door ensures you can easily get in and out whenever you need to. These little extras really do make all of the difference.

To complete your new functional, stylish disabled bathroom, you could also fit it with gentle mood lighting and attractive coloured walls. Choose earthy colours if you want to create a relaxing haven.

If you want to enhance your bathroom and you’re tired of boring disabled designs, Bathroom Solutions has just what you need. Talk to the staff to come up with the perfect bathroom products to suit your preferences.

Take back your independence and enjoy a relaxing bathing experience with any of the products in this great range!