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Bathing is a necessity for everyone. Not only is it hygienic, it’s an opportunity for relaxation, reflection and pampering. When we can no longer bathe, it can be a massive blow to our independence. Thankfully, there are many products on the market that can provide a relaxing and safe bathing experience for everyone.

If you struggle to get in and out of a conventional bath, then a walk in bath or walk in shower cubicle is a convenient option. Bathing Solutions offer a wide range of easy access shower enclosures and low level baths.

Petite walk-in bath

Walk-in bath shown as a safe bathing option

Walk in baths are not only safer than traditional baths, they can also provide a hugely soothing and indulgent experience. Their non-slip bath seats offer safety and comfort, allowing you to have a warm, deep bath without the danger of falling. Many walk in baths also offer hydrotherapy, providing comfort to aching muscles and helping you feel like you’re pampering yourself.

You don’t have to compromise for Safe Bathing

Just because a person has difficulty with mobility, does not mean that they have to compromise on the comfort of safe bathing. There are many practical solutions meaning that no one has to miss out on a safe and soothing bathing experience.