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Bright garden

Some psychology experts believe that colour can significantly affect our moods. For example, yellow is an invigorating and happy colour, whilst orange connotes joy and enthusiasm. So, why not add some colours to your garden to brighten and uplift your mood, whilst putting your feet up under the summer rays.

Here are some beautiful garden features, that will brighten your garden and add an added boost of colour.

Lounge around on bean bags

Bean bags
Bean bags are a popular choice of garden accessory as they don’t require any manual set up, which means you can sit back and enjoy your garden as soon as they’re delivered. Plus they are perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

We would recommend water-resistant bean bags, as they are much more efficient and can be purchased at a reasonable price. Wayfair have a large variety of bean bag loungers, so you can sure to find a suitable match to brighten your garden.

Add a tranquil water feature


Water features adds another dimension to the gardens overall “feel”. No matter the size of your garden, there are many different water fountain designs available so you can be sure to find the right one to install one in your home.

This water fountain combines the tranquil sounds of water, bringing your garden to life as the flowers bloom.

Swing on a hammock


Hammock’s are a great addition to any garden, as they are both relaxing and ease you into your tranquil headspace. Place the hammock near your favourite chill out area in your garden and enjoy the blissful scenery.

There are some lovely tapestry hammock designs on the market. This colourful hammock has a special fringe with tassels and scalloped edging. It is made from 100% cotton threads and is made by a collective of craftsmen in the city of Masaya Nicaragua.

If you need additional support, a hanging garden chair is a great alternative. They still have the fun swinging function but offer more back support.

Make a statement with bold rugs


Bring the comfort of your living room into your garden. Garden rugs are incredibly versatile since you can also bring them to the beach or take them with you on a family picnic. Many garden rugs on the market have water-resistant properties, so if it rains the quality colour and design won’t fade.

Set the atmosphere with fairy lights

Garden lights

Decorating garden spaces with fairy lights has become a popular trend in many homes. They add a mystical charm to any garden and are a perfect way to brighten up your summer evenings.

Weave them through your garden hedges, tree branches and fences. There are many solar powered fairy lights on the market, meaning that there aren’t any running costs.

Attract nature with a bird house

Garden lights

Unfortunately, natural nesting sites for birds are on the decline across the country, so it’s’ time we build the birds of Britain new homes, and why not open your door – or garden walls – and welcome them into your garden.

Place a birdhouse in your garden, and the bird kingdom would greatly appreciate your efforts. Any welcomed birds that visit your garden will also help to control] pests, while ensuring your flowers are pollinated year on year.

This colourful birdhouse is a residential spot for birds to rest and nest. Place the birdhouse on any tree, fence or space surface where you think they will stop by.

Experiment with different colours and features in your garden this summer and play around with various style to see what best suits the garden. Is your garden full of colour or is it leaning on the less vibrant side? Let us know in the comments below!