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Disabled Bathrooms For The Elderly

It’s a fact of life that as we grow older, age starts to take its toll on our bodies. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on life’s little luxuries – such as taking a relaxing bath or shower.
Do you or a loved one find bathing difficult and could use some extra help getting into a bath? That’s where our disabled bathrooms for the elderly come in.

  1. Choose from wooden or padded shower seats.
  2. All seats are secure and foldable so can be just lifted out of the way.
  3. Position grab bars to help you raise and lower yourself in the shower.

Not only for those experiencing difficulty in bathing.

Take, for example, walk-in baths. No longer will you or a family member need to worry about tripping and falling when stepping in or out of a conventional bath.
The Serenity is the same size as a normal bath. Except it has a clever watertight door which opens so you can walk in. Once you’re in it a power seat will lower you down to the bottom of the bath, so you don’t have to worry about slipping there either.

With the luxury of full-length bathing, when you’ve finished your bath it will raise you back up. A handy lever allows you to open the door, so once you’ve let the water drain away, you can walk out of the bath with safety.
Baths for elderly people don’t have to only be for those who find it difficult bathing. The seat is removable for the more mobile people in your home which restores it to a conventional bath.
And if space is an issue, maybe you’d like a smaller half-length bath which could fit in a cloakroom or en-suite. Shorter, but twice as deep as a normal bath, these options immerse you in water as you sit down.
Inward opening doors save space and there are thermostatically controlled temperature options to keep you warm as you relax.
Other bathrooms for the elderly include The Independence. This full-length bath is designed for wheelchair users as the power seat extends out of the bath to allow easy access from chair to seat.
At the touch of a button it will lower youfrom side to side, up and down, into the bath. An additional leg lifting facility will give you extra support if you need it.

Other baths for the elderly can have shower heads and screens fitted, so you need not lose normal functionality.
And if you require even more luxury, we offer spa or chromotherapy features – where you can relax with bubbles in the bath or with coloured lights to stimulate your body system, promoting positive energy.
So you see, disabled bathrooms for the elderly can be stylish, contemporary and of course practical. We offer a range of different finishes including for your floor and wall tiles, taps and sanitary ware – a bespoke upgrade to your home, which will last for many years to come.
For more information on our different designs and configurations, download a free brochure.

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