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Disabled Wet Rooms

Imagine getting into your shower and being immersed in luxurious cascades of water. Then imagine that you didn’t have any difficulty in getting into that shower. You don’t have to dream anymore, you just need a disabled wet room.

A wet room is a waterproof room which encapsulates the entire shower system, without the need for a cubicle. All you do is shut the bathroom door and you’re in it.

  • All wet rooms are designed for safety and comfort with features made especially for those with mobility issues or the disabled.
  • Stylish and luxurious solutions have great looks as well as practicality.
  • Our wet rooms are custom built to suit the exact dimensions of your bathroom.

The easiest of access

Perfect for wheelchair users, everything is on one level. So you can wheel straight into the shower area. Our design, The Baroness, is unique in that it has multi-fold panels of glass which act as screens and doors for easy access. They can be folded away, 180 degrees, against a wall when you’re not using the shower to create even more space in the room.
This is the perfect wet room for small bathrooms as the system can be slotted into an alcove or corner of your existing bathroom. Half-height doors enable an assistant to reach in if you need that extra help.

Another design, The Aquarius, has curved sliding doors to enclose you and create more privacy. There are no steps with this level to floor option. Easy-clean wall panels and easy-glide riser rails will ensure you don’t have any more unnecessary difficulty in the bathroom.

As with all our bathrooms it comes with a choice of wooden or padded seat, if you can’t stand for long periods. And grab bars on the walls give you something to hold onto for extra security.

The great thing about a wet room for disabled people is the open plan feel, ease of access when moving around and a little more privacy than you might normally get if you have a conventional bathroom where you need assistance to shower.
Additional luxurious features include underfloor heating and there’s a choice of floor tile and wall panel styles. Stylish yet practical.

In a disabled wet room there’s a sloping floor and drain where the water can flow out of. The floor tiles are slip-resistant to give you more confidence when moving around.

Our consultants and installers are the experts when it comes to wet rooms for disabled persons. And you’ll need our expertise to ensure that there’s no serious damage as a result of a potential leak.

The type of house you live in with determine if you can have a wet room. You’ll need space under your floorboards because the drains will need to be installed vertically and a sufficient slope created. Then our installers will create a false floor with an impenetrable membrane, which is then tiled over to hide it all away.
We can give you a site survey and make recommendations for your new bathroom. But don’t worry, if a wet room isn’t suitable for you then we have plenty of other level access bathing solutions for you to consider.

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