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Assistive Bathing for safer bathrooms

We supply and install a number of assistive bathing products designed for those who need extra help to bathe independently. These can normally be fitted in the place of an existing bath or shower.

Designed and installed correctly, these will provide a safe bathing alternative for anyone struggling in the bathroom.

Assistive bathing product

The problems with a traditional bath

When buying products or designing a new bathroom, it’s very important that your future needs are considered. One of the main reasons people update their bathroom when they get older, is often down to a standard bathtub.

Getting in and out of a traditional bath can be difficult or even dangerous for many. If you have ever suffered from back issues or have arthritis in your joints, getting up and out of a full length bath can be problematic. Add a slippery surface to this and it’s easy to see why people stop using their bath completely. This is a shame, as enjoying a nice relaxing soak can be an ideal way to relieve aches and pains.

What aids are available?

One of the first steps people take if they are struggling to get in and out of a bath, is to install grab rails. These can be installed both over and outside of the bathtub and can help you steady yourself and pull yourself up to a standing position. We highly recommend grab rails, but these must be installed by a professional so you do not create any additional dangers.

These now come in many designs and can be integrated into things like soap holders, or towel rails, so you can still retain that modern bathroom look and feel.

Thermostatically controlled taps are another great addition to make the bathroom safer and achieve more independence. These taps are designed to prevent scalding, therefore reducing the need for unnecessary movement when setting up the bathtub.

Walk-in baths are a great alternative for those with mobility issues, as the low-level access door and seat makes it easier than ever to get in and out of the bath safely – with or without assistance.

If stepping in and out of your bath is still difficult, you may wish to consider replacing it with one of our assistive bathing solutions such as an easy-access bath, walk-in shower or wet room.

Walk-in baths vs. Assistive baths with power seats

The Independence bath offers the ultimate in assisted bathing.

Simply put, a walk-in bath is a bath with an easy to open door, designed to make getting in and out easier. Most walk-in baths are shorter in length than a traditional bath, so the door allows for a low step into an upright seated position. The seat with an accompanying grab rail can make it easy to sit and stand compared to a full length bath.

Are you struggling with your current solution but would still wish to enjoy a full length soak? This is where an assistive bath with a powered seat may be more suitable for you. They are suitable for anyone who has less mobility or struggles to stand from a normal bathing position. These baths can vary in functionality. For instance, The Royale features a simply inward opening door with low threshold and powered lift seat to raise and lower you into the bath. This is safe and easy to operate though does require some core strength to maintain a seated position.

If you require more assistance when bathing or are a wheelchair user, The Independence Power Bath features a fully assistive bath seat with leg lifting facility which lifts your legs over the edge of the bath before lowering you into the bathing position. This can be done by the user or a carer via an easy to use handset. Additional features can be installed such as spa therapy or Chromotherapy lighting.

Replacing a bath with walk-in shower or level access wet room

Where space is an issue or if you prefer a shower to a bath, replacing your existing bath with a low entry walk-in shower or level access wet room might be the answer. Showers can be installed with additional safety features, such as a slip resistant ultra low step tray, grab bars and folding seat.

A wet room removes the need to have a shower tray, the floor is waterproofed and most importantly, completely level-access. If an ultra low tray is not suitable or if you are a wheelchair user, the floor flush access provided by a wet room would be the best solution. A wet room can be completely open or feature a shower enclosure to keep water spread to a minimum.

Assisted shower enclosures are also available if carer access is required. These normally feature half-height or stable enclosure type doors.

Assistive bathing prices

Planning for the future or addressing an immediate need is something we assist you with. If you are looking for assistive bathing prices we can arrange a free design visit and quotation.

The costing is largely unique to each project, considering the type of bath, any add-ons and the amount of restructure needed. See our handy disability bathroom cost guide for more information.

If you would like any further advice or guidance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Bathing Solutions team.

Over 25 years helping customers all over the UK bathe safely.

You and your home are in safe hands with us. Always make sure anyone working in your home is fully accredited.


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