Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are the safest and most accessible solution for people who experience difficulty when bathing, offering unrestricted shower access for the elderly, wheelchair users and disabled people.

Suitable for most bathroom sizes, our Aquarius wet room combines modern design with unrivalled accessibility, helping to future-proof your bathroom against changing mobility needs.

Discover the stylish Aquarius wet room below.

  • No shower tray to step over
  • Slip-resistant safety flooring options
  • 100% waterproof showering area
  • Tempered safety glass enclosures
  • Ultimate answer to bathing difficulty

Wet Room features

  • Easy-clean enclosure
  • Folding seat
  • Cool touch shower
  • Level-access floor
  • Safety grab bar

The Aquarius

The Aquarius wet room, our most accessible bathing product, is custom-built to suit the exact dimensions of your bathroom and desired bathing area, providing you with the ultimate in safe showering and flexibility.

We offer a choice of toughened enclosures to separate the shower and prevent water splashing onto non-bathing areas.

  • All on one level – ideal for wheelchair access or disabled persons.
  • Slip-resistant flooring suitable for walking aids.
  • Easy-clean wall panels.
  • Thermostatically controlled mixer shower to ensure a safe water temperature.
  • High flow drain to dispel water quickly.

One of the main benefits of this elderly-friendly wet room is that its floor is at the same level as the rest of the bathroom, so you do not need to step into or out of the showering area.

It provides excellent wheelchair access with the ability to bring the wheelchair right up to the shower itself, making this wet room disability-friendly and well-suited to those who are elderly. Fitted with a fast-speed drain to dispel water quickly and efficiently, a choice of slip-resistant flooring is available to complement your bathroom.

This wet room for the elderly is paired with a selection of easy-clean wall panels and features a choice of seats (wooden or padded cushion), grab bars for extra safety. The wonderful thing about a disabled wet room is the open plan feel, ease of access when moving around and a little more privacy than you might normally get if you have a conventional bathroom where you need assistance to shower.

3 tips before you get your new bathing solution

  • If you have a free home survey, have your loved ones with you so you can find the best solution for the whole family.
  • If you don’t own your own property, make sure you have permission from your landlord before you make any changes to your bathroom.
  • Dependent on your age or mobility issue you may qualify for a reduced rate of VAT. Please speak to one of our advisors for more details.
The Aquarius has been rated 4.4/5 stars based on 62 customer reviews.

The Aquarius

Enclosure Length Width
Wet room Bespoke Bespoke

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We handle everything – a professional service from start to finish

1. Free no-obligation home survey

One of our mobility bathing specialists will help you identify your needs and provide a fixed price for peace of mind

2. Fully-fitted service

We look after everything from the first design to installation, including all plumbing and electrics. You just have to sit back and relax.

3. Leaving no mess behind

Our installation team will ensure that your old bath or shower is removed quickly and with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

4. No-quibble product warranty

Our products are of the highest quality, for added peace of mind we offer a comprehensive Product warranty of up to 15 years.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a waterproofed shower area that’s flush with the rest of the floor, designed so that water flows through a flush drain. Wet rooms remove the need to step into the bath or shower, making them the safest and easiest-to-access solution for the elderly, wheelchair users and people with mobility issues.

How much is a wet room?

The price of a wet room is unique to your chosen design and fittings. Bathing Solutions’ disability-friendly wet room is custom-built depending on the size and shape of your bathroom, as well as the bather’s individual needs.

The cost of your elderly-friendly wet room is therefore determined by these two main factors as well as the ascetic features you decided upon, including wall and floor coverings and bathroom furniture.

For more information and helpful advice from our experienced staff, please call us for free or request a free brochure

How does a wet room work?

With an open plan wet room, you can simply move straight to the shower and turn it on, in the same way you would use a standard shower.  However, with a wet room, there is no need to step over any barrier or other means of separation to reach the shower area.

Our wet rooms are fitted with slip-resistant flooring and are designed in such a way as to ensure that water is easily drained through a flush drain.

What’s the difference between a wet room and a walk-in shower?

The main difference between a wet room and walk-in shower is that wet rooms are open plan (though a shower screen can be used) and are designed flush to the rest of the floor. On the other hand, a walk-in shower has one or two partitions and a low-level shower tray. Both are easy to access, but elderly-friendly wet rooms offer totally unrestricted shower access and are ideal for elderly people and wheelchair users.

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