Walk-in Baths

Our walk-in baths make bathing safer and more comfortable for disabled people, elderly users and people with limited mobility. Available in a variety of styles, our walk-in baths can increase independence and bring the joy back to bathing, with features like slip-resistant seating, low-entry steps and easily-controlled taps. Discover our stylish walk-in baths below.

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What is a walk-in bath?

Walk-in baths are bathtubs that have  watertight doors designed to help bathers reclaim independence. With low-entry steps and slip-resistant seating, they’re ideal for those with limited mobility, disabled people or elderly users who want to enjoy safe and comfortable bathing.

Some of our walk-in baths come with power seating, providing added comfort as you’re lowered securely in and out of the bathtub – ideal for anyone who struggles to get into a reclined position in the bathtub. Some models also gently massage the body with water and air jets, transforming the bath into a personal spa.

How do walk-in baths work?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply open the door, step through the low threshold and shut the watertight seal, then lower yourself into the tub – with optional support from grab bars or powered seating. Lastly, choose the perfect water temperature using one of our innovative bath fillers to fill the tub, then relax and enjoy a luxurious bathing experience.

Best of all, our fully-fitted service includes everything from the first design to installation, including all plumbing and electrics, so you can sit back and enjoy greater independence once more. For added peace of mind, our walk-in baths also come with a 15-year warranty.

At Bathing Solutions, there are many ways to enjoy safe and independent bathing. View our range of walk-in showers or stylish wet rooms to see if they’re more suitable for your needs.


How much is a walk-in bath?

Our walk-in bath pricing varies depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The walk-in bath product you choose
  • Your bathroom’s size and the renovations needed to fit the new walk-in bath
  • Luxury additions such as chromotherapy or spa-therapy features

To get the best quote for your specific needs, contact our helpful and highly-experienced customer care experts for free or request a free brochure today.

What are the benefits of a walk-in bath?

Our walk-in baths bring comfort and independence back to bathing, offering a variety of benefits:

1. Increased independence – walk-in baths are compact or traditional-length bathtubs that allow anyone to enjoy safe and comfortable bathing on their own.

2. Added safety – walk-in baths are safer than regular baths, offering practical features like slip-resistant seating and low-threshold steps.

3. Pain management – walk-in baths are ideal for managing pain levels associated with joint or muscle issues, thanks to their warm water, ease of access and assisted seating.

5. Reduce stress – warm water relieves stress, while some walk-in baths come with soothing air and water jets for deeper relaxation.

6. Improve circulation – warm water can improve circulation, aid digestion and help remove toxins.

7. Sooth muscles and joints – walk-in baths can gently massage the body with easily-controlled water and air jets, ideal for people suffering from back pain, arthritis and other joint conditions.

8. Improved sleep – regular baths will help improve sleeping patterns by reducing muscle tension and increasing body temperature.

9. Wide choice of styles – our walk-in baths come in various styles and sizes, ensuring you’ll find the perfect walk-in bath for your bathroom’s design and your specific needs.

Luxury bathing options for walk-in baths


Imagine relaxing in your walk-in bath while thousands of tiny bubbles gently massage away your aches and pains. Our spatherapy system helps you relax whilst at the same time relieving the pain associated with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, muscle cramps and stress.


Chromotherapy, also known as light therapy, uses different coloured light waves to aid the relaxation of both your mind and body. Creating a spa-like atmosphere, it’s the perfect addition for those wanting a bit of luxury in their lives. Choose the colour that suits you best or cycle through all seven of them.

CosyWarm heated seat

Indulge in a long, relaxing soak with our CosyWarm heated seat. The integral heating elements allow you to warm the seat and backrest before you get into the bath and, what’s more, you can maintain the temperature of the seat while you have your bath. The CosyWarm seat features a dual safety cut out so you can’t leave it on by accident.

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3. Leaving no mess behind

Our installation team will ensure that your old bath or shower is removed quickly and with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

4. No-quibble product warranty

Our products are of the highest quality, for added peace of mind we offer a comprehensive Product warranty of up to 15 years.

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