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Disabled Shower Cubicle

You’re here because you need a new bath or shower… correct? Have you thought about a disabled shower cubicle? Designed for people who have difficulty using a conventional shower, our cubicles will give you peace of mind when it comes to fears about tripping or slipping, when you’re getting in or out.

A range of different finishes and safety features

All our level access showers are fitted with easy access, slip resistant trays which have built-in anti-bacterial protection to increase hygiene levels.
Our disabled shower cubicles are designed for wheelchairs users too. Clever double doors on 
The Imperial allow maximum access and the wheelchair can be taken right up to the shower opening.
There’s half-height doors which help aid assisted showering, allowing another person to reach in and support you. And again, the shower tray is slip-resistant to minimise risk while you wash.
A disabled shower cubicle can be fitted in a variety of different places. If you’re short on space then one of our models can be installed in a small corner, or in an en-suite bathroom.
The curved sliding doors make for easy access, as well as it taking up less space in the bathroom.
Or if space isn’t an issue then we have a range of other showering options. The Marquis is a full-size bath replacement giving you maximum space needed to take a luxurious shower.
It has an ultra-low shower tray for easy and convenient access. And the fixed glass panels and sliding doors come with a clear screen glass protection system to keep your shower hygienically clean.
Other frameless options include The Empress which is an easy access, walk-in shower which doesn’t require doors. With this minimalist look you can have the option of an integrated splashback screen and glass end panel.
Our disabled shower cubicles come with a range of different finishes and safety features. For example, easy-glide risers help you can easily adjust the height of your shower.
You could also choose a stylish wall panel, which doesn’t need to be installed using grout that can go mouldy quite quickly. This means you can save time when cleaning and it will help your bathroom stay looking new for longer.
With safety in mind, you can also have grab bars fitted, to give you something extra to hold onto. And there’s a choice of stylish wooden or comfortable padded fold-down seats if you or a member of your family needs to sit down while showering.
We understand your needs and concerns, so our consultants will give you expert advice when it comes to choosing the right bathroom for you. We’ll even fit it for you.
Now all you need to do is download a brochure and start thinking about a new easy way of showering to suit you and your whole family.

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