Disabled Shower Enclosures

Shut that door, step into a cubicle and immerse yourself in cascades of water. That’s what you can do if you have a disabled shower enclosure installed in your home.

Showers are quick and easy to take. They can wake you up in the morning and wash away the troubles at the end of the day. But do you or a family member have difficulty getting in and out of them?

  1. Stylish and modern designs complement your home decor.
  2. Easy to clean and maintain with our Clear Screen system.
  3. A wide range of styles and sizes to suit all bathroom layouts.

Designed with safe, easy-access as a priority

Disabled shower enclosures provide a sophisticated, modern and most importantly, accessible, way to bathe. There are various configurations with our designs which can be tailored to your every need and safety is at the forefront of our minds when helping you choose a bathroom.

For example, all our disabled shower cubicles come with low-level easy access slip-resistant trays. These enable you to step into the shower with ease and give you more confidence in the process. The trays even have anti-bacterial shields built in to help when cleaning.

Features that make showering safe and luxurious

The showers come with foldable chairs should you not be able to stand for long periods of time. And you can have them installed in a choice of wooden or padded materials.

If you’re a wheelchair user, then one of our most accessible shower designs – The Imperial – includes a chair for you to sit on.


The beauty of this option is that the chair can be taken right up to the shower opening to allow an easier transfer from chair to shower seat.

And half-height glass panels around the shower means an assistant can help you wash. You can just sit, relax and enjoy the experience.

Our showers are fitted with an easy-glide riser so when you sit down you can still reach the shower head and nozzle to switch it on. We added this feature because we want to meet all your needs and make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the showering experience.

Other features include grab bars which give you something extra to hold onto and our easy glide risers mean you can adjust the height of your shower when needs be – we’ve all been there trying to hoist a sticky shower head higher or lower!

Many people query the space needed to install a disabled shower cubicle, especially when they wish to keep a full-length bath in the room too. Glass panels certainly help give an illusion of space but there are other more practical solutions.

A shower enclosure to maximise your bathroom’s space

Our space-saving options – such as The Esprit – have curved doors which open within the shower, meaning you don’t lose any space outside of the cubicle.


They can be fitted in small rooms or the corner of your existing bathroom. But if you wish to replace your tub then we have both short and full-length bath options, giving you the luxury of space if you need it around the shower.

Wet room for the ultimate disability-friendly space

Of course, you could turn your whole bathroom into a disabled shower cubicle by having a wet room fitted in your home.


Whilst they are stylish and modern, there are some specific requirements if you go for that option, such as having enough depth under the floorboards to ensure proper drainage.

The good things is that our consultants are experts in all types of showers and wet rooms, so can make you get what you both want and need.

For more on our range – from budget to luxurious – request a free brochure. You can also view our walk in bath and accessible showers pages to browse more styles that we offer.

  • Slip-resistant tray
  • Ultra-smooth door action
  • Easy-clean wall panels
  • Drying area
  • Thermostatically controlled shower

Our service includes

  • Free design & quotation
  • Installer pre-fit technical survey
  • Full installation of new shower
  • Full installation of all accessories*
  • Fitting of wall & floor coverings*
  • All plumbing services
  • Fully certified electricians*
  • Removal & disposal of old bathroom
  • Up-to 15 years warranty

*where required