The bath, shower, toilet and sink will generally be the most important aspects of any bathroom. It’s important to get the essentials right and our Bathing Solutions made easy will help make sure you do.

There’s more to a fantastic bathroom than the basics however, so here are 10 accessories you’ll love:


1. Hydrovescence spa

Our Hydrovescence Spa system can be fitted to any model of walk in bath you choose. When you turn it on, thousands of warm bubbles will gently massage away your aches and pains. This can be great for relaxing tense or tired muscles after a long day but it can also have other health benefits. Hydrotherapy can help raise the body’s temperature, causing blood vessels to dilate and so increasing circulation. It can also help ease the aches and pains associated with a range of conditions including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lumbago, high blood pressure and diabetes.

2. LED lighting

LED lights, most often in the form of strip lighting, can give a fun, funky feel to any bathroom. You can even get LED tiles available in single or slowly alternating lights and colours.

3. Body Dryer

Our BodyDryer system is a complete all over dryer that dries your body effortlessly with gentle jets of air after taking a shower. This can be great for anyone but may be particularly useful for people who find it difficult to dry themselves without assistance, or who have sensitive skin that may chafe with towel drying.

4. Bath caddy

A bath caddy sits across you while you are in the bath, supported at either side. It can be great for keeping a book dry while you relax in the bath, for holding soaps and flannels or you can even get ones with special holders for champagne flutes.

5. ConstantWarm system

The ConstantWarm system from Bathing Solutions allows you to set and maintain your perfect bath temperature. This should help eliminate the need to keep topping up your bath, giving you the perfect bathing experience every time.

6. Towel warmers

Heated towel rails can be great, especially on cold mornings. Other options for a warm dry towel include heated cabinets and freestanding towel driers that can also double up as radiators.

7. Eco shower head

Showers account for a high proportion of our weekly water usage. The Energy Saving Trust suggests that eco-shower heads are better for the environment and will also result in cost savings through reduced energy and water bills.

8. Coordinated fittings

You can give your bathroom a coordinated look by matching the various elements. This may mean purchasing towel rails, toilet roll holders and soap dispensers from the same range, or simply choosing colours and styles that complement each other and work well together.

9. Fog-free mirrors

If you’ve ever tried to shave or apply make up in the bathroom mirror after a steamy shower, you might appreciate the benefits of a special fog-free mirror.

10. The humble bin

A bathroom bin can be very useful for temporary storage of rubbish that should definitely not be flushed down the loo. There are many sleek, attractive and stylish designs available but try to make sure you get one that is resistant to moisture.

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