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Gadgets are incredibly useful in making things easier, faster or simply more enjoyable. Often simple concepts can be a huge help around the house or in everyday life. From high-tech devices to simple tools, gadgets for the elderly can be a huge aid in supporting higher levels of independence.

In this roundup, we take a look at the latest and greatest gadgets for elderly people. From items for the kitchen to cleaning devices and virtual assistants, there’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to bits and bobs to make older people’s lives easier.

  • Automatic jar opener

No doubt we’ve all been faced with a jar whose lid just wouldn’t budge. Whether dexterity is a problem with the onset of arthritis being the main contributor, or you’ve simply found yourself with a lid with an extra firm grip, an electric jar opener is a lifesaver. Most come with two buttons, one to open and one to close the jar again.

  • Roomba or robotic vacuum cleaner

Most of us spend more time than we’d like cleaning, which is why a robot invented to do it for us is a dream come true. As we age, bending down to sweep or vacuum the hard to reach nooks can become more difficult, not to mention pushing around a heavy hoover isn’t exactly light work. This is where a robotic vacuum saves both time and aching joints.

  • Home massage devices

Speaking of aches and pains, tired and sore muscles can be a nuisance. Soothe away the tension in your muscles with any number of home massage devices available. From shiatsu machines that offer heated functions to double up on the relief, foot massagers to encourage improved blood flow or a full-length seat overlay that works the muscles all over, this is a device worth every penny.

  • Digital showers

Digital showers are an ingenious new technology giving you greater customisation and control when you want to shower. You can set the ideal temperature for you before entering the shower, alongside being able to pre-heat the shower so that the water immediately starts at this temperature. It’s also handy for carers, as it has a controller that means they can assist the bather turning on and off the water if need be.

  • Virtual assistants

With so many available on the market now, virtual assistants have been making their way into our homes with increasing pace over the last few years. Whether to play music, check the weather or find a recipe, virtual assistants are incredibly helpful around the home. Particularly for those who may be experiencing reduced mobility or sight, the ability to ask questions and receive audible answers from the device is hugely beneficial to elderly users. From the Amazon Alexa to the Google Home, there’s so many to pick from, you just need to choose your favourite.

  • Rocking garden seat

Tending to the yard is a relaxing and enjoyable pastime, but as we get older our joints grow stiffer and working in the garden can become less comfortable. A rocking garden seat provides an increased range of motion as well as sparing your knees from baring all your weight as you pick the weeds and tend to your flower beds.

  • Automatic medication reminder

More medication seems to come with the territory of ageing and remembering them all can be a hassle. An automatic pill or medication reminder can keep you on top of taking your pills when you need to so you’ll never miss a dose. With an alarm that lets you know when it’s time, you can spend your time remembering other things and leave your pill schedule to the machine.

  • Grabbing tool

When your knees aren’t as accommodating when it comes to bending as they once were, a grabbing tool is a fantastic and simple device. From dropped socks to rubbish on the floor, this handy tool acts as an extension of your arm so you can spare your hips and knees the trouble.

  • Portable walking cane & stool combo

If you need a little extra support when walking, this portable walking cane that doubles as a stool is a wonderful creation. Easy to fold from a stool when you need a spot to sit when out and about into a cane to give you that little bit of additional support, this gadget helps you walk further, for longer.

  • Shower grab bar

Steadying yourself when in the shower can be difficult to manage when the tiles are wet and slippery. That’s where a handle or grab bar in the shower or on the bath can help you steady yourself so you can stress less when in the bathroom. Simple, yet effective.

  • Anti-tremor cutlery

Sometimes we are faced with a less steady hand as we age. Whether due to a condition or simply weakening of the muscles in your hands and wrists, it can make mealtimes more stressful. Anti-tremor cutlery can make it easier by reducing the shaking effect so eating is not only easier but makes social situations more comfortable.

  • Buttonhook

Buttons are fiddly things even at the best of times, but if you find small objects increasingly harder to manoeuvre, introducing a button hook can help make dressing in the morning a much easier experience. Avoid fumbling any longer with this small gadget that loops over the button to pull it through the hole in a breeze.

Tools and gadgets are used by people of all ages, but many are designed specifically with the elderly in mind. Helping make light work of everyday tasks, they can make chores, simple daily tasks and even hobbies a more enjoyable experience. From sparing aching joints the burden of bending further than they want to give to enabling someone to resume an activity they enjoy without restriction, these gadgets for the elderly are some marvellous tools indeed.

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