At Bathing Solutions, we’ve been providing bathrooms to those that need them for over 25 years. We’re experts at doing every aspect of the bathroom, right down to the finishing touches.

We offer complete bathrooms that don’t just include a walk-in bath or walk-in shower, but also any additional extras you might need. This can include sanitary ware, fitted bathroom furniture, tiling and flooring.

But what other finishing touches do we offer? Keep reading to find out.

Sanitary ware

Toilet and sink

To go along with your new bathroom, we also offer toilets and sinks that match the style of your shower.

There is a choice of toilets and sinks, all at comfortable heights to help reduce strain when using your bathroom. Some of our toilets even come with a raised pan option, to help those with mobility problems have ease of use and access to every aspect of their new bathroom.

Much the sanitary ware that we offer is manufactured in the UK using traditional techniques to produce the highest quality bathroom ware. Each piece is made by hand using skills passed down through generations, applied to the latest and finest modern materials, so you can find your complete mobility bathroom solution for your individual needs.

Bathroom furniture

If necessary, we also supply all the required fitted bathroom furniture for your new bathroom. After all, it’s important that your new bathroom looks the part – with furniture that complements your new shower or bath.

We’ve got entire ranges of bathroom furniture to not only complement your new shower or bath, but also suit your tastes. Everything from contemporary styles, all the way to traditional designer styles. You are able to pick and choose whatever suits you the most, for a bathroom that you love every inch of.

fitted furniture

Fitted bathroom cabinets

Bathroom storage is always necessary, since you can never have too much storage to store your bathroom essentials! If you’re looking to add bathroom storage to your Bathing Solutions bathroom solutions, don’t forget to enquire about the particular bathroom cabinets that are available for your space.

All of our bathroom furniture is modular, so you’re able to pick and choose the right combination for your bathroom, and also for your lifestyle.

You can mix and match across the styles. Each of the doors and carcasses come in 4 different colours, and the worktops come in 6 shades. We also have 5 different types of handle, so you can choose what works best for you.


Bathrooms always need a mirror, and we’ve got every style covered. From wall mounted, frameless mirrors right down to square, arch or even back-lit illuminated designs.

Wall mounted, frameless seem to be the most popular choice. They come 4mm thick and mounted to the wall in a variety of shapes and sizes.

We also offer mirrors that come with backlights fitted inside. These make a number of things easier, for example putting on makeup or shaving.

Our backlit mirrors also come with added technological benefits, like heater demister pads and an infrared sensor.



All of our bathrooms come fitted with our standard chrome bath filler, which can be specified either with or without a shower mixer attachment.

Since all of our products are bespoke and individually tailored to suit your home, if you would like to change the tap to one that suits your personal style, we can help with that too. We have a range of contemporary, designer, and heritage bath fillers and taps that our advisors will be happy to talk you through.

All of our bath fillers and taps are sourced from a trusted supplier here in the UK, and they have all been chosen to complement each of the baths that we offer, as well as complement the sanitary ware we offer.



No bathroom would be complete without a radiator, and we have a wide collection of radiators for you to choose from.

You can choose from either straight or curved radiators, all of which are made from multi-layered chrome plating to ensure your radiator remains looking stunning.

Walls and flooring

No bathroom is complete without the appropriate flooring and tiling. Luckily, we’re on hand to help you build from the ground up, selecting the right flooring for your taste.

luxury flooring

Luxury flooring

When it comes to luxury flooring, look no further than our Karndean flooring. This waterproof, hard-wearing surface flooring doesn’t compromise on style or safety, whilst also being durable and easy to clean.

Our Karndean flooring comes in a range of styles and effects, from wood to stone, and is sure to complement your bathroom interior.

Wet room flooring

There are some cases where a higher level of safety may be required when it comes to bathroom flooring. Tiles can be slippery, and pose a danger to those who struggle with either mobility or balance problems.

Our Aquarius flooring is extremely safe. It is textured to provide greater grip and is extremely durable. This style of flooring is most appropriate to cover an entire bathroom, for example if you have a wet room.

Looking to find out more about the finishing touches we offer? Want to know more about the up-to-date styles we currently stock? Get in contact with one of our handy sales team to find out more.