We offer Spatherapy in some of our walk-in baths, but why should you get it? And how exactly does Spatherapy help you relax? Read on to find out all about this amazing option for your new walk-in tub.


What is Spatherapy?

Spatherapy is based on water therapy using powerful jets to engulf the bather with bubbles of air. Our jets use clean air, not recycled water, to help encourage blood circulation and relax the muscles while you soak.

A series of jets placed around the bath pump out small bubbles of clean air. The gentle massaging effect of these bubbles help relax muscles, stimulate the skin and induce physical well-being in individuals suffering from diabetes, arthritis, sciatica, and migraines to name just a few conditions.

Relieves muscle tension

The jets that are used in a Spatherapy bath can help relieve any muscle pain. Most jets will be situated in a way that they directly massage major pain points in the body (i.e. lower back, spine, base of the neck) and help to relieve tension at these points. The water jets act as a kind of deep-tissue massage for the body, and can even help heal sports injuries, prevent muscle spasms and improve recovery time.

Improves circulation

Spatherapy baths can also help improve circulation. The combination of warm water and water jets helps increase circulation, meaning that more blood is moving around the body. This then causes more blood to get to the organs, and can help ease tension headaches and improve concentration.

Helps with joint pain

Spatherapy can even help those suffering with arthritis or other joint conditions. This is because the warm water causes the collagen tissue to become more flexible, while the water jets gently massage the muscles around the joint, easing the pain caused by overexertion. A Spatherapy bath can help reduce the amount of pain you feel in your joints when used regularly.

Keeps you stress-free

What if your aches and pains aren’t physical? How can a Spatherapy walk-in bath help you then?

Easy. Spatherapy baths are proven to help actively reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol is directly responsible for creating stress in the body, and the more that there is floating around in your blood stream, the higher your blood pressure becomes.

But by soaking in a Spatherapy tub, you actually reduce the levels of cortisol in your blood, helping you become less stressed.

Alleviates insomnia

The benefits of a Spatherapy bath are often felt long after you are out of the bath. When you go to get into bed afterwards, you may notice that certain aches and pains do not bother you as much, resulting in a restful sleep.

But there’s more to it than that. Baths actually encourage the production of the night time hormone melatonin. This is the hormone that is largely responsible for drowsiness, encouraging you to fall asleep at night.

By encouraging the production, you find it easier to get to sleep once your head hits the pillow.

If you’re finding that you are struggling with any of the above, why not look into getting Spatherapy in your new walk-in bath? If you’re unsure about any of the points, feel free to give our contact team a call on 0808 250 1281 to discuss the potential benefits of Spatherapy for you.