Small bathrooms are common across the UK, but it doesn’t mean you can’t create a room that feels spacious. There are a lot of innovative ways to maximise your space, read on to see five of our favourites.

small bathroom tips

Choose a Light Paint

Light walls are a simple, and quick, way to bring a feeling of space to your bathroom. If your bathroom currently has dark or patterned walls light paint is a great starting point. It will brighten the room straight away.

Giving the walls a light colour doesn’t mean you have to choose white. There are plenty of yellows, blues and off-white paints on the market. However, if you still want bold colours add accessories to your bathroom. Keeping a single colour accessory is a great way to introduce a colour theme when you have light walls.

If possible, avoid a transition from light to dark colours in your bathroom. This will close in the space. Instead, try buying fixtures and fittings that match the colour of the walls and floor.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors into a small bathroom can dramatically increase the distribution of light. This will make your space feel lighter and more spacious.

There are many mirror options available. For example, you can choose a floor-to-ceiling mirror for greatest impact. Mirrors this size can be expensive so it’s important to do your research. Alternatively, a series of smaller mirrors can achieve the same result. Place the mirrors next to sources of light to distribute light to all corners of the bathroom.

Cut out unnecessary accessories

Less is more in a small bathroom. Reducing the number of items on show will bring an instant feeling of space. Even removing items from around the sink and bath will change the appearance. You’ll go from a cluttered bathroom to one that feels open and spacious in no time.

To help hide items such as toothpaste and shampoo you can invest in clever storage solutions. This can take the form of turning a recess into a built-in cupboard. Giving you the benefit of hidden storage without using reducing your floor space.

If you don’t have any natural recesses this look is still achievable. If you are considering a full bathroom refit you can ask your designer to add recesses into the design. Even a recess of a few inches provides value space to store bathroom products.

Introduce Bright Lighting

Bright light will help add a spacious feeling to your bathroom. Making it easier to do things such as apply make-up and shave. Yet, if your bathroom does not have large windows incoming light can be an issue.

In this scenario, you can introduce bright lighting through strip lighting or spotlights. This will ensure all areas of the bathroom enjoy a light source. Spotlights are a good choice as they don’t take up that valuable space – something that is unavoidable with pendant lighting.

Think about investing in a mirror that includes a built-in light as this serves two purposes. Helping spread light and make sure you have a great spot for make-up and shaving. An alternative is to fix a light above your main bathroom mirror. This achieves the same effect but without the need to replace your existing mirror.

Choose a Pedestal Sink

Your choice of sanitary ware can make a huge difference to a small bathroom. If you have a large vanity unit, consider replacing this with a free-standing pedestal sink. This will remove a storage area from under the sink, but in return, you’ll have a bathroom that feels more open.

Creating a bathroom that has an open and spacious feel is achievable, even in a small bathroom. At Bathing Solutions, we specialise in designing bathrooms in small and complex spaces. Speak to one of our advisers to understand how we can help you.