Bathroom accessibility is a vital consideration for any home, in particular, if you or a family member are elderly or suffer from a disability. Bathing Solutions caters for all personal requirements as we understand that bathroom accessibility isn’t a one size fits all scenario. We’re going to take a look at the top features for accessible bathrooms to help you make the right choice for you.

accessible bathroom grab rail

Install a walk-in bath

A walk-in bath is an option if you are planning a more accessible bathroom. A wide-opening and easy access door makes getting in and out of the bathtub safe and straightforward. Depending on your exact requirements you can choose between a seated bath, such as The Majestic, or a full-length bath like The Royale. For that added level of comfort, our range is available with luxury additions. These additions include spa therapy, chromotherapy and heated seating, which are all designed to bring you that extra level of satisfaction. If you are a wheelchair user, a bath with powered transfer seat may be a more suitable option.

Consider A walk-In shower or wet room

A walk-in bath is not suitable or everyone, which is why Bathing Solutions have a wide selection of walk-in showers. Each shower has features that make access easier and safer. Whether it’s a low-level door for assisted showers, no door at all, or a sit-down shower, Bathing Solutions has them all. For wheelchair users, we offer The Imperial which features a double door to increase the access space, or wet rooms with level-access flooring.

Grab rails offer additional safety in the bathroom

Safety in the bathroom is of paramount importance, which is why we recommend installing grab rails to assist with mobility and accessibility. Grab rails will also bring an added level of peace of mind to you as well as your family and help protect independent bathing. Grab rails come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can compliment the design of your bathroom. Whether it’s an integrated riser grab bar to give added safety in the shower area or a soap dish that doubles as a grab bar.

Use good lighting to highlight dangers

Lighting is an essential aspect of the bathroom. A bright bathroom creates a sense of space and ensures that you can easily see all potential obstacles. Light can also serve another purpose, which is changing the mood. If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing evening bath, low-level lighting is a great addition. The Renaissance Plus walk-in bath is just one bath that comes with optional chromotherapy. This is a sensory therapy to enhance mood and relax the body.

Correct level storage allows easy access to essentials

An often-overlooked element of bathroom design is storage accessibility. For the elderly or wheelchair users, bathroom storage can be challenging to access. Consider replacing high and low-level cupboards and shelves with easy access alternatives. Reaching or bending to access bathroom items can cause injury and is a potential falling hazard, so it is best to safeguard against it when designing your bathroom.

Accessibility in the bathroom is an important aspect of living an independent life, at Bathing Solutions we work with our customers to ensure they receive a bathroom at is perfect for their individual requirements.