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Somewhat ironically given that we spend so much of our time in the bathroom, they are often the smallest room in any house. This can be a problem, particularly when you consider the contribution that a good bathroom can make to your quality of life. However, the trick to improving your small bathroom space is to capitalise on every inch. Clever design can ensure that your bathroom delivers on storage, function and style no matter what its measurements.

This is where we can help. We offer a range of options perfect for those short on bathroom space including a huge selection of specially designed walk-in showers, wet rooms and space saving accessories. To help you create a bathroom that feels spacious as well as stylish, read our carefully chosen list of tips below for advice on how to make the most of your small space.

Esprit walk-in shower

1. Keep the colour palette simple

It might seem obvious, but a room can quickly become claustrophobic if painted with strong colours. Instead opt for natural hues in soft, neutral tones that fool the eye into thinking the room is full of light.

2. Choose a walk-in bath

As companies like ourselves offer a range of bespoke designs for all bathroom spaces, it’s easier than ever to find a bath (or indeed shower) that will fit comfortably in to a smaller room. Use a clear glass or frosted divider that will separate your bathroom without blocking the path of natural light. Check out our walk-in baths costs including installation for more information.

Harmony walk-in bath

3. Pick small, modern features

Where possible, downsize everything from the toilet to the shower. Our Esprit solution is designed to do exactly this, matching a space saving shape with a stylish design. For example, instead of a vanity sink which typically features a large store cupboard below, try a pedestal sink which will take up half as much space.

4. Find creative storage

Even if you think you have squeezed every inch of available storage space out of your bathroom by using shelves and cupboards, think of underused spaces that don’t draw the eye. For example, the space above the doorway is ideal for placing a decorative shelf filled with bath salts.

5. Light up your life

Light has a huge impact on how we perceive a space and a small bathroom can quickly become utilitarian with only one overhead light to illuminate it. Add a dimmer switch to add atmosphere to this space. Whether you’re taking a long bath or completing your skin care routine, the space will feel bigger and much more inviting as a result.

6. Lay large tiled flooring

Rather than picking a small, intricate tile design which will add a lot of visual noise to a small space, opt for large subtle patterns. This will let the eye wander across the room and appear to enlarge the space. This effect can be magnified by keeping floor space clear – could that laundry basket find a new home?

7. Choose a good spot for your mirror

Although nearly everyone is familiar with the notion of bouncing light around a room using mirrors, it is important to consider what subject will be reflected in the glass. A mirror facing the bathroom door might be good for checking your outfit during the dash to work but a mirror opposite a window will bring visual interest in to the room.

8. Streamline your door

If it’s impractical to alter your door to open outwards (it might open on to a busy gangway for example) why not install a door that slides along the wall on a bracket? This will economise on space and allow you to make the most of the additional room inside the bathroom.

For more information on how we can help you make the most of your small bathroom space, download our free brochure, or alternatively give one of our advisors a call free today on 0800 083 2034.