The Easter bank holiday is fast approaching us, which means one thing – grandkids! The long weekend is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family, creating memories that will last forever.

Easter Hunt

But what can you do with small children over the weekend? Easy. We’ve rounded up some great ideas to keep the grandkids entertained over the long weekend, so keep reading!


The English weather is notoriously volatile, so it is always a good idea to line up some indoor activities for the grandkids, just in case.


Cooking is a great activity to keep the grandkids entertained, no matter the time of year. Kids can feel involved in creating something, whilst also learning valuable life skills.

Relatively easy recipes work well here, like pancakes or waffles. Depending on how extravagant you want to go, you could even make your pancakes into a bunny!


It’s Easter, so why not decorate an egg? You can use dye and paint some hard boiled eggs. You can use all sorts of natural colours from around the house to dye your eggs, and give a really cute pastel look to them.

If you’re looking for a slightly larger project (e.g. one that spans several days), why not create a larger egg from papier mache and a balloon? Then you can spend another day decorating your egg.

Easter baskets are also a good idea here. You can make them in the days running up to Easter Sunday, and the kids will enjoy having something to put their eggs in when they’re out hunting.


If the weather is good, it might be nice to do some outdoor activities over the bank holiday weekend. Luckily, there is plenty to do in the great outdoors!

Easter egg hunt

This is another obvious choice here, but if you’re looking to entertain the grandkids for the entire bank holiday weekend, you’ll want to leave this until last.

There are loads of ways you can do an Easter egg hunt. If you’ve got multiple grandkids doing a hunt at once, it can be a good idea to colour coordinate the children to certain eggs, to stop one child getting all of the eggs.

Easter bunny clues are also a good idea, if you’re looking to make the hunt stretch a bit longer.

Alternatively, you could combine your Easter egg hunt with a mid-size walk if you’re looking to tire out some younger kids.


The day before Easter, you might find that the children get very excited for the Easter egg hunt. If this is the case, a walk might be in order, so that the kids sleep easier later on.

Try a walk through nature, as there are so many health benefits to being outside, and this will only help the little ones. Plus, we all know that fresh air in the quickest way to tucker out little legs!

Are we missing a sure fire time-filler for the Easter break? Or did you try any of these over the Easter period? Let us know over on Twitter.