There are many reasons why people prefer showering over bathing. A shower takes up very little time and can leave you feeling much more refreshed and rejuvenated than bathing can. Showers are also the only option for many elderly or disabled people who can no longer get in and out of the bath. Walk-in showers offer all the benefits of showering presented in a sleek, modern and accessible way.

Stepping over the side of a bathtub or shower cubical can be difficult and dangerous for elderly and disabled people. With a walk-in shower, there is nothing to step over and they are equipped with slip-resistant floors, making getting in and out of them simple and making your bathroom a much safer place. They can even accommodate wheelchairs.

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If anyone in the family struggles with standing for long periods, a fold-down shower seat can be installed to accommodate them. Walk-in showers also have the option of half-height doors to allow a carer or helper to assist whilst bathing.

Walk-in showers can be installed even in the smallest of bathrooms, and are a great option for rooms that aren’t large enough to accommodate a full-sized bathtub. They can also be fitted into the same space where your old bathtub was, should you choose to replace it. Walk-in shower enclosures are usually made of glass, giving the illusion of space in bathrooms. They also make a bathroom look much cleaner and more modern.

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