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There will come a time in almost everybody’s life when bathing becomes a challenge. Getting in and out of the bath can be extremely difficult for people with low mobility, and it presents a significant risk of tripping, slipping or falling.

Rather than losing independence by relying on other people to help with bathing, there are various solutions which can make the bathroom a safer and more accessible place. One of these solutions is to install a wet room, or walk in shower.

Wet rooms, or walk in showers, are large shower areas with a completely level access. Unlike baths or shower cubicles, there are no ledges to step over when you get into a walk in shower. This significantly reduces the chance of an accident occurring in the bathroom. Installing one of these easy access showers is relatively simple. The area where the shower will be must be fully waterproofed with a slight slope towards the drainage point. The floor can either be tiled or covered with a slip resistant surface for extra safety. For a user with low mobility, grab rails and shower seats can be installed in the shower to make the bathing experience as safe and comfortable as possible.

Wet rooms are able to be accommodated in almost any home. They can either be installed in the space taken up by an existing bath or shower, or a small cloakroom can be converted into one. Wet rooms are the perfect choice for people who are no longer able to use a traditional bath or shower.