If you suffer from mobility problems, getting in and out of the bath or shower can often be difficult. Walk-in baths and showers offer the perfect solution, and to make life even easier, you can also buy a wide range of bathing aids for the disabled or elderly, at affordable prices. Here are five inexpensive bathing aids worth trying.

Long handled bath sponge

long handles bath spongeWashing your body can be hard if you have limited mobility. Additionally, bending and stretching to clean yourself can make aches and pains feel worse, if you suffer from joint problems. A long handled bath sponge is a must, for anyone with mobility issues. The long handle means there is less stretching and bending when washing, and a wide, comfortable handle makes this type of sponge easy to grip. You can get different shaped sponges on the end of the handle for added convenience, and they are particularly useful for cleaning your back or your lower limbs.

Flannel strap

flannel strap

If your muscles and joints are not as flexible as they used to be, you may need some assistance to reach those hard-to-get-at parts of the body when bathing. A flannel strap makes for the perfect solution. This versatile bathing aid is, essentially, a long flannel with two sides and sturdy handles on each end for convenient gripping. It’s especially recommended for cleaning the back and soles of the feet. One side is normally made of soft cotton material for gentle cleaning, whilst the other side usually consists of a coarser material that is designed to exfoliate and tone the skin, for a more invigorating scrub down. The beauty of the flannel strap is that it is affordable and can be easily washed, so can be used time and again.

Lotion applicator

lotion applicator

Walk in aids for bathing are available to ensure every step of your cleansing process is catered for, so if you want to make sure that your favourite bathing lotion or shower gel is evenly distributed over your body, a lotion applicator can help to make light work of this task. A lotion applicator comes with a long handle, so you don’t need to bend or twist to reach awkward parts of your body. The end of the applicator comes with a removable, circular head with rolling balls, where you can easily apply the lotion and then smoothly and evenly let it reach all over your body, without bending or stretching. The rolling balls also provide your skin with a relaxing massage.

Long handled hair washer

hair washer

Walk in baths can make washing yourself a more comfortable experience, but when it comes to trying to wash your hair, this can be a cumbersome task for anyone with limited mobility, arthritis in the shoulders or reduced upper extremity range of motion. Fortunately, there are bathing aids for the disabled or elderly that help to make hair washing a less loathsome experience. A long handled hair washer makes sure that mobility problems don’t get in the way of you enjoying clean and beautiful hair. With a long handle to ensure easy reach of your entire scalp, there’s no need for any awkward bending or twisting of your hands and arms.

A sturdy, non-slip handle makes grasping easy, whilst many long handled hair washers come with individual nodules on the brush, to help clean and untangle your hair, but also providing a welcoming head massage.

Bath tap turners

tap turner

When you suffer from reduced grip, which can often occur in the elderly or those suffering from arthritis, even simple tasks such as turning the bath taps on and off can become difficult and even dangerous. If you have a walk-in bath, shower of wet room from Bathing Solutions our taps are already designed for both ease and comfort…There is no need for you stop enjoying a soak in the bath, however, as there are numerous products available that make turning your taps on and off easier and safer. Bath tap turners are incredibly affordable, and come in a wide variety of different styles, so you should have no problem finding the right pair for your type of taps.

If in doubt, you can choose a pair of universal tap turners that are suitable for all types of fittings. Made from sturdy materials that easily fit onto your taps, tap turners are practical with long handles for easy application. They are also stylish, and come in handy red and blue colours, so you can quickly identify which is the cold tap and which is the hot tap. This is also useful to protect your own safety, so you can fill the bath with the correct temperature of water, without any struggle to turn the taps off.

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