Wet rooms and bathrooms are two very different things, and you may feel conflicted as to which is best for you. Wet rooms are stylish, convenient and modern. But bathrooms are classic, familiar and suit any home. So, which one do you choose?

In this article, we break down the difference between a wet room and a bathroom, looking at the advantages of each. At the end, you’ll find a quick summary of wet room vs bathroom benefits for an easy decision.

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  1. What is a wet room?
  2. What is a bathroom?
  3. What’s the difference between a wet room and a bathroom?
  4. Advantages of a wet room
  5. Advantages of a bathroom
  6. Wet room Vs. Bathroom

What is a wet room?

A wet room is a water-tight, open space, and there is no separation between the shower and the floor. Water runs directly onto the floor, hence the word, wet room. The shower and floor tiles are level, with a drain in the centre. They have slightly sloping floors to support fast drainage.

Wet rooms can contain toilets, baths and sinks, but sometimes they are just showers. If a wet room has other bathroom facilities, there is usually a glass screen by the shower to distinguish the shower area. This also prevents water from spraying on anything else.

What is a bathroom?

A bathroom has a sink, shower cubicle, bath (or shower-bath combination) and toilet. The shower is contained and raised from the floor. The room may also have extra cupboards and storage space for towels and other hygiene products.

What’s the difference between a wet room and a bathroom?

A wet room is an open-plan space with a shower flush to the floor and a drainage hole. A bathroom has a separate bath and shower (or bath and shower combo), which have their own drainage systems so water does not run on the floor.

Advantages of a wet room

There are many benefits to a wet room, and some advantages may be precisely what you are looking for. Read on for the top reasons to choose a wet room.

Easier to clean

Cleaning a bathroom is never fun. Is it wonderful having a sparkling toilet and sink? Yes. But when you first pull on those gloves, the task can feel overwhelming. But what if you didn’t have to step inside a bath to scrub the shower head?

A wet room is one large space, making it incredibly simple to spruce up. There are no small crevices but an open area that you can easily spray down and let the water drain. There isn’t a need to climb into the shower cubicle or risk slipping in the tub for gleaming taps. Instead, you can walk straight up to the shower and hose everything down when you’re done.

Increases property value

Nothing tanks property value more than a leaky bathroom. Wet rooms are sealed compartments, meaning they have to be completely watertight. You can rest in ease knowing that your thirty-year-old bathtub won’t leave a water stain on the downstairs ceiling. And this is good news for buyers.

People are also impressed by wet rooms. Not many houses have them, giving your home a unique edge. It’s a luxury that many buyers appreciate, pushing up your property value.

Stylish and modern

If you love a clean aesthetic and a modern spin on showering, then a wet room is perfect. But you don’t have to stick with a clinical-looking cube. Installing a wet room opens up a multitude of design options. You can have floor-to-ceiling marble walls and chequered tiles. Go bright and bold or sleek and monochrome. There’s no limit.

Better accessibility

Bathrooms are often in small spaces or require installations to make the bath or shower accessible. However, a wet room is flat and open, allowing easy access for anyone with mobility or accessibility issues. This is ideal for wheelchair users or anyone who needs space to rest, such as a shower seat or shower chair.

Works in small spaces

A wet room doesn’t need to be big. You can install them in small areas, especially if it’s just for a shower. This makes use of a room you weren’t using or was too small to turn into anything else. They’re also ideal for apartments, which typically don’t have much space.

Timeless and classic

Wet rooms never go out of style. Whether it’s because of their modern look or their functionality, there will always be someone looking for a wet room when or if you decide to sell. It’s also a great thing to install as you age because it takes care of future accessibility issues.

Advantages of a bathroom

Despite the glamour of wet rooms, bathrooms still have their place. Below are some key benefits of having a bathroom.

Soft materials do not get damp

Bathrooms have contained baths and showers, so water doesn’t run on the floor or cover the walls. This means you can store toilet paper, linens and towels without the risk of water spray. You can also leave items on the floor, like a laundry basket, and know that it will stay dry.

The floor and walls do not get wet

If you don’t like wet floors, bathrooms are for you. You can walk around in your socks and slippers without getting them damp. As long as you have a suitable bath mat in place and a shower tray, the rest of the floor will stay dry.

Works in any type of house

Wet rooms have a modern twist, which looks fantastic in certain spaces but may not suit every house. Bathrooms work in any home, from city flats to quaint cottages. You can also style a bathroom to look contemporary without creating a wide, open space.

Most houses already have bathrooms

Not many houses come with pre-installed wet rooms, so the likelihood is that you already have a bathroom. That equals less installation because the room doesn’t have to be watertight from floor to ceiling. You can also replace bathroom facilities individually instead of transforming the entire room, making a bathroom revamp more budget-friendly.

Not everyone likes wet rooms

Although many people love wet rooms, they’re not for everyone. That means if you install one, it may put specific viewers off if you come to sell. However, everyone expects a bathroom. And a beautifully fitted bathroom with a high-quality shower and bath is a bonus.

You can decorate with rugs

It’s wise to have wooden floorboards or tiles on a bathroom floor so it can dry quickly. However, these materials can be cold underfoot, especially in winter or if you have a large bathroom. A contained shower and bath allows you to place a rug in the bathroom, making it stylish, comforting and warm on bare feet.

Wet room Vs. Bathroom

If you’re still indecisive about whether a wet room or bathroom is right for you, we’ve rounded up some overall signs to help.

Signs a wet room is best for you

  • You have accessibility issues – If you struggle with navigating in and out of the shower or are a wheelchair user, a wet room gives you space and accessibility.
  • You prefer showering over bathing – Wet rooms are primarily for making showering easier, so an open-plan area is excellent if you adore your showers.
  • You want an easy-to-clean space – Wet rooms are straightforward to clean. Give the area a rinse with the shower head and watch all the soapy suds run down the drain.
  • You want to increase the value of your property – Wet rooms are luxurious and contemporary. So, if you live in an updated house and want to stand out, a wet room is a fantastic option.
  • You want a stylish and modern design – Wet rooms give houses a chic touch, ideal if you want a clear and updated aesthetic.
  • You love wet rooms – The decision comes down to whether you like wet rooms. If you love the idea of wet rooms, consider installing one.

Signs a bathroom is better for you

  • You don’t have any accessibility issues – If you don’t struggle with your mobility and are okay stepping in and out of the shower, you may prefer sticking to a bathroom.
  • You want dry storage – Water doesn’t run onto the floor in a bathroom, making it easier to store items.
  • You have a larger space – Bathrooms can get cramped in small spaces. But, if you have a decent amount of room, you can easily fit a toilet, bath, and shower.
  • You dislike wet floors – Although wet rooms have an excellent drainage system, the floor can stay damp for a bit after showering. So, if you don’t like the floors and walls getting wet, a bathroom is the best option.
  • You don’t have a modern home – Bathrooms suit all house types, particularly older styles, such as cottages.
  • You prefer bathrooms – It may be the case that you prefer bathrooms over wet rooms. They suit your taste more, and you like a contained shower.

Choose a wet room or bathroom with Bathing Solutions

Deciding on a wet room or bathroom is entirely up to you, but the ultimate deal breaker is that you like it and it suits your individual needs. There are limitless options to ensure your space is stylish and functional, whatever your choice. The right wet room or bathroom is waiting for you with Bathing Solutions.