1. For many years it has been thought that Dinosaurs suffered from Arthritis. Researchers have noticed a degenerative condition similar to arthritis in the fossils of Dinosaurs. They claim to have found arthritis in the jaw, and palaeontologists have unearthed two fossils of Iguanodon with signs of the condition in their ankles.

2. Some studies have shown that bee venom can control the harmful inflammation in joints which as a result slows down and can even prevent the development of arthritis. However, it isn’t a proven treatment yet, so you’ll have to consult your doctors to explore the possibilities.

3. Biology, genetic predisposition and hormones are a few of the risk factors related to why women are three times more likely to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Some researchers have also indicated that it could be down to DNA.

4. Drinking green, black, oolong and white tea boosts your immune system and your ability to fight bacteria and infections. As some medications for arthritis make you more susceptible to infection, drinking tea can help act against bacteria and infections.

5. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower have been proven to slow down the development of arthritis due to sulforaphane which is found in the vegetables.

6. Stress can worsen Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. This is thought to be related to the chemicals released by stress that can cause inflammation.

7. In the UK alone 10 million people suffer from arthritis; surprisingly to many people this includes 15,000 children.

8. Where you live can affect your chances of being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The further you live from the equator the higher your risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The increased rates at higher latitudes could be related to a lack of sunlight.

9. Scientists have found a link between achy joints and weather. Joints tend to ache more during certain weather periods for example falling air pressures can make joints swell. However, the theory is yet to be developed in detail.

10. Soaking in warm water is one of the simplest and oldest types of pain relief and has proven to ease the agony of arthritis.

10 surprising facts about arthritis infographic