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Experiencing back pain is one of the most common health problems for modern UK society. In 2016 the Office for National Statistics reported that more than 31 million workdays were taken off due to musculoskeletal issues including back pain. That equates to a cost of roughly £12.3 billion a year. Supporting this conclusion is the NHS who reports that 43% of people in the UK experience chronic pain. A figure calculated using 19 different studies. The conclusion? The UK does suffer from chronic back pain.

chronic back pain

What causes back pain?

There is no specific cause of back pain; everyone who has or is suffering from back pain will have a different root cause. In most circumstances, back pain is the result of poor posture, sudden movements or lifting heavy items.

How to manage chronic back pain?

The NHS has debunked the old theory that the best cure is lots of rest and staying in bed. Instead, exercise and continuing to work are the best way to recovery. An NHS article states, “Lying in bed for long periods may actually make the pain last longer because inactivity makes you stiffen up, your muscles and bones get weaker, you don’t sleep well, you become lonely and depressed, and the pain can feel worse.”

Ensure Exercise Is Part of Your Daily Routine

Moderate exercise and stretching need to be a regular lifestyle feature for anyone prone to back pain. This routine will help build strength in the problem areas and encourage freedom of movement in the body. It’s important not to overdo exercise. Consult your doctor if you are unsure as they might decide to refer you to a physical therapy professional.

Keep Going to Work

Continuing to work might feel like an odd suggestion, but the NHS state that people become less active and more depressed if they’re not working. Speak to your manager and work out a solution to gradually introducing yourself back into work. If your work involves heavy lifting this advice might not be suitable, alternatively you could investigate whether you can return to work in a different capacity.

Sooth Your Pain with Regular Bathing

If you are suffering from back pain then giving your muscles the chance to relax is vital. For that reason, we recommend regular baths, which will help loosen the muscles that have built up stress and tension throughout the day. Soaking in the bathtub also gives your mind a chance rest and think about something other than discomfort.

Our range of walk-in baths is ideal for anyone who is finding movement a challenge. Each walk-in bath has easy access, low entry level door with slip-resistant surfaces as standard to increase the sense of independence and safety. A selection of our walk-in baths, such as The Serenity, offer luxury bathing options, including spa-therapy, chromotherapy and heated seating.

If you are considering a walk-in bath then the Bathing Solutions selection will have an option that meets your requirements. If you’re unsure about your options, you can arrange a no-obligation free home survey. One of our bathing specialists will discuss your needs and provide recommendations on the best walk-in solution. You can also view our walk-in shower range if you’d prefer an alternative option.