Here at Bathing Solutions, we believe a transformed bathroom can transform your life. Many of the day-to-day activities that you may have once taken for granted can soon become a struggle or even dangerous with the increased risk of slipping or falling.

We design and manufacture products to assist with these everyday tasks, reducing the risk of accidents and helping to make bathing or showering an enjoyable experience.

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Our bathroom mobility aids are designed not just to be practical, but to also look amazing. Your bathroom doesn’t have to look like a hospital to be safe. All of our fixtures and fittings are there to compliment the bathroom whilst ensuring you can enjoy your new bathroom.

Below are just a few of the features we integrate into our bathroom designs:

1. Low-level access shower trays

All of our easy-access showers have extremely low-level access shower trays with a lip of around 40mm (1 1/2″). This makes it easier to step in and out of the shower to help reduce the risk of tripping or falling. They are also all slip-resistant for added safety. If you need level access or use a wheelchair, we would recommend a wet room which has no shower tray to step over and the floor is the same level throughout the room.


2. Easy-access walk-in baths

One of the first things people struggle with in the bathroom is simply getting in or out of the bath. This may be down to stepping over the side of the bath or raising themselves back up after bathing. Many end up replacing their standard bathtub with a walk-in shower but miss the ability to have a nice relaxing soak. At Bathing Solutions, we manufacture a large range of walk-in baths to allow people to carry on enjoying the bathing experience. Some of our bath features:

  • Some of the lowest threshold doors available
  • Thermostatically controlled taps to prevent scolding
  • A range of luxurious options such as Spatherapy, or CosyWarm heated seat.

3. Folding shower seats

Folding wooden wall-mounted seat

  • Environmentally-friendly varnished Rubberwood
  • Profiled edges for comfort
  • Rust-proof stainless steel frame and legs
  • Supports up to 254kg (40 stone)

Folding padded wall-mounted seat

  • Rust-proof aluminium frame and legs
  • Adjustable seat height – 482 to 607mm
  • Padded seat and back for your comfort
  • Supports up to 158kg (25 stone)

4. Safety grab bars

Grab bars are very important within the bathroom, to help you up from the bath, or assist you stepping in or out of the shower. Whilst they are a great mobility aid, we can also make them look discreet so as not to take away from any new bathroom design.

To achieve this we have a range of bathroom grab bars and rails from integrated shower risers, 2-in-1 bars doubling as towel rails or toilet roll holders or contemporary stainless steel bars and rails.

Mobility aids

These are just a few of our bathroom mobility aids. Contact us to find out how we can incorporate some of these into your new bathroom.