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Having the luxury of your own en-suite bathroom is something of a requirement these days – a room for cleaning and pampering in solitude and bliss.

Maximising the potential from this space can sometimes be a difficult process. As many dream of an escape to de-stress and relax in a beautiful environment, the final design can sometimes steer away from the initial goal.

Making the most out of one of the smallest rooms in the house may seem like an easy process. However, an incredible amount of attention to detail, and critical thought needs to be considered before purchasing all the new additions. Below are some simple steps to getting the perfect en-suite bathroom.

Esprit walk-in shower

Tailor it to your requirements

There are now more options than ever when choosing what type of bath, shower, basin etc. you want and the wide range of choices can be confusing. This is the time to find out what bathroom you want for yourself. Take a step back and note down what experiences you want from your new bathroom. Whether it is mainly for practical fast cleaning, complete pampering on your own or a space that is comfortable enough to share with a loved one, there are options to suit all needs. An en-suite can also be tailor-made to any ailments you may have. Thanks to developments from a walk-in shower to a easy-access bath, there are appliances that can be bought to suit more specific requirements. Not only does design need to be considered in an aesthetical sense but from a practical view point as well, and the perfect en-suite could be achieved through making the personal hygiene process as comfortable as possible.


Generally, an en-suite tends to be one of the smaller rooms in the house and this can cause problems in the design process. The requirements of many tend to include too much clutter, in terms of cupboards and appliances which can leave the en-suite looking overcrowded. Any unnecessary furniture that has no impact on the design or is not a necessary storage feature needs to be removed from any plans. After this, all measurements need to be carefully recorded and drawn out in the room. This will give you a good idea of the layout and how it will impact on the space. Carefully planning the layout is crucial in the design process as even the best looking bathroom appliances can look shoddy, cramped and bulky if the positioning has not been thought out thoroughly.

Design tips

Once considerations of your needs and the layout have been finalised, then the next step is the small matter of designing and creating the space. There are a few clever design tips to further extenuate your en-suite.

Natural light: Let in as much natural light as possible to maximise the space. Install sliding glass doors were possible and match it with the shower door.

Storage space: Use open shelve units to minimise door opening considerations and promote an alternative design.

Theme: Create a theme and stick to it. Having a bathroom with a set design pattern will help the continuity of the small space and won’t be conflicting.