Jacuzzi bath

From luxury walk-in showers and top of the range wet rooms, if you’re contemplating a bathtub upgrade, you may well be considering a Jacuzzi-style bath. There are many benefits to taking a dip in a wonderfully comforting and powerful Jacuzzi bathtub. And that’s on top of how relaxing and soothing it feels.

Whether you’re seeking further health-related benefits as well as a chance to seriously unwind or you’ve pondered whether one of these luxury tubs would suit your own space, we’ve put together a guide to help you decide if you should dip a toe into the welcoming waters of a Jacuzzi-style bath.

How does a Jacuzzi-style bath work?

Before you dive into the depths of whether or not to purchase a soothing Jacuzzi-style or spa bath, you may be keen to learn how they work.

Offering a little more luxury than a regular bath, a Jacuzzi-style tub works by recirculating the water you’re already submerged in.

Once you activate the whirlpool effect of the pump, it draws water into the chamber, compresses it and then pushes it back through the jets. This is what provides the massaging effect, which the delights of a normal bathtub can’t provide.

A unique touch to your bathroom design

This type of bath can be installed in your bathroom in various different ways, depending on your current space and what your setup will allow.

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Whether you choose to have your tub installed as a corner bath, fixed within brickwork or as a standalone bathtub in the middle of the room, it can create a unique feature, which can help to bring a sense of well-being into your space. It can also be a great talking point for any guests.

They can help to increase circulation

The built-in jets produce a gentle, bubbling effect, thanks to the water that is gently circulated around a Jacuzzi-style bath. This type of movement can help to provide a soothing massage, which can also help the blood to flow around your body more easily. The combination of heat and the bubbling motion can therefore help to increase circulation.

Increased blood circulation can also bring a whole host of health benefits, allowing your lungs, heart and muscles to function properly and efficiently. This can also help to keep your organs in good, working order. Not just a pretty sight.

Pain relief

The massaging action produced by Jacuzzi-style baths and spa baths act as a type of hydrotherapy. In addition to the health benefits a Jacuzzi-style bath can bring, they can also help to relieve your body of any joint and muscular aches and pains. This can be particularly helpful for conditions such as arthritis, helping to soothe any associated pain and stiffness, as well as high blood pressure.

In fact, the Arthritis Foundation recommends warm water therapy as a way to manage such a condition. The relaxing effect provided by this type of bath can also help you to switch off from any stresses of the day, easing and reducing any tension within the body.

Increased mobility benefits

Linked to the benefit of pain relief, sinking into a warm Jacuzzi-style bath can also help to soften limbs and improve your overall flexibility.

The combination of the warm water and bubbling action help to pull any toxins that exist within your body up to the surface and help to increase the extensibility of muscles. This can result in a greater range of motion, helping to ease any existing mobility issues.

They can help to improve the appearance of your skin

Relaxing into a warm Jacuzzi bath helps to create a higher oxygen intake within the body, which can further help to draw the toxins away from your body, taking away the dull appearance of skin.

If super clean and glowing skin is at the top of your list, Jacuzzi-style baths can also help to open your body’s pores, allowing for a much deeper clean than an ordinary soak. So, not only can you enjoy a nice long soak, you can also relax into the knowledge that you’ll emerge with fresh, bright skin.

General well-being

If you struggle to switch off at the end of a long day, a spa or Jacuzzi-style bath helps to massage any tension or stresses away. Assisting with the process of unwinding, it can help you to relax more naturally. This can also be why stepping into a spa bath can help you get a better night’s sleep as it relaxes the body, helping you to drift off.

Further to this, a study published by the New England Journal of Medicine, found that the temperatures in a hot tub can help patients with type 2 diabetes to lower their blood sugar levels. This is attributed to the stimulating effects similar to those of physical exercise. Other positives of this type of bath included losing weight and improving sleep.

And some of the potential drawbacks…

A higher cost

One of the main drawbacks of installing this type of bath can be the cost. Though this is dependent on the size and style of the tub itself, as well as the number of jets you opt for.

The more basic models tend to be more affordable but the installation costs can come at a hefty cost, particularly as most manufacturers recommend professional installation, depending on your skillset, of course.


In addition to a potentially expensive purchase, these luxurious bathtubs require a large amount of maintenance much higher than your usual tub. In fact, it’s suggested that a full cleaning should take place at least once every month, preferably two. Once the tub has been drained, water can sit in the pipes, jets and nozzles, so it’s important that a thorough clean takes place to avoid any bacteria from sitting around.

They’re also prone to algae, due to the stagnant water that tends to sit in its internal network, which allows its growth.

Noise can be an issue

If relaxation is on your agenda, a Jacuzzi-style bath can sometimes work against setting the perfect scene. The noise from both the pump and the running motor can distract you from gaining some peace as you’re trying to unwind.

Say goodbye to a traditional bubble bath

One of the crucial things to remember about Jacuzzi-style baths is that bubble bath and jets don’t mix. In fact, if you’re not careful, the water jets can cause serious foaming issues, which can result in a messy bubble bath. It can also mean you have to spend the same amount of time cleaning up as you have enjoying the perfect bathing experience.

They can take a long time to fill

Due to the depth of Jacuzzi-style baths, they can require a high-water usage, which means they can drain traditional hot water tanks. Bad news if you have a larger household or other appliances that rely on the use of hot water.

Larger sized tubs can use anywhere between 50 to 80 gallons of hot water, which can also mean high energy usage, so again the cost can come into play when deciding whether or not to invest in this type of bath.

Issues with ventilation

Due to the larger volume of heat, which can create excess moisture, if your Jacuzzi-style bath isn’t in receipt of a well-ventilated space, it could cause a buildup of mould and mildew, which could lead to extra maintenance in the long run.

In general, the decision to get a Jacuzzi-style bath installed comes down to personal choice and what you seek from your relaxing bath time space. Here, at Bathing Solutions, we don’t specifically offer Jacuzzi-style baths but instead, offer a selection of baths with a luxurious ‘spa therapy’ option.

How does this particular option work? Based on water therapy using powerful jets to engulf the bather with bubbles of air, this option provides a touch of luxury to your normal tub. “A series of jets placed around the bath pump out small bubbles of clean air. The gentle massaging effect of these bubbles help relax muscles, stimulate the skin and induce physical well-being in individuals suffering from diabetes, arthritis, sciatica and migraines to name a few.”

In the same way that Jacuzzi-style baths provide a host of health benefits, ‘spa therapy’ helps to encourage blood circulation, eases pain, relaxes muscles and reduces pressure on joints. The champagne-like bubbles massage your whole body and help to stimulate your senses. Why not give one a try today?