relaxing bath

From busy work and social schedules to tasks, chores and other urgent errands, sometimes you need to indulge in a little ‘you time’. And what better way to say yes to self-care while also treating yourself to a little relaxation, than by creating a blissful bath experience?

Whether you want a slow start to the day, a place to unwind in the evening or a luxurious midday moment, a bath could be just the ticket you need. But how do you create the perfect bath experience?

We’ve put our heads together and delved into some great ways to transform your bathroom into the ultimate bathing area. So, turn on those tranquil taps, dim the lights and get reading…

  1. Declutter

First things first, you’ll want to create a welcoming mood. This could mean a proper clean and tidy of your bathroom area before you even think of turning on those welcoming taps. The last thing you’ll want to be looking at as you try to switch off is a pile of clothes, a dirty sink, or piles of clutter in and around your bath. This is the time to unwind, after all.

Give the tub a quick clean, shake off your bath mat and wipe away any dust and you’re good to go. If you’re taking a bath at the end of a long, hard day, you might want to consider having a quick shower after cleaning your bathroom, so you can really take advantage of that fresh bath experience.

  1. Set it up

We’ve all been there. Set that perfect temperature, get the bubbles nicely bubbling away, and are just about to close your eyes and lay back into a blissful experience when you realise you’ve forgotten something super important for your bath time experience.

From any essential toiletries and treatments to candles, plants, reading materials and any other bath accessory in between, there could be an abundance of things you might need when taking that long soak in the tube.

To avoid having to hop out and grab the things you need mid-bath, consider investing in a handy bath caddy or tray that sits across the width of your tub. You can pop whatever you need on here and bask in the serenity that you don’t need to get out any time soon.

  1. Stay hydrated

… the same goes for keeping things cool. Have you ever stepped foot into the bath and realised you could really do with a drink? Ahead of making yourself comfortable in the tub, make sure to pour yourself a beverage. This is especially important if you like your bath at a warmer temperature. Even if you plan to stay in for a shorter period of time, you’ll want to make sure you stay hydrated and don’t have to leave the area at any time.

Whether you take in a refreshing glass of iced water, a cup of peppermint tea or treat yourself to a homemade smoothie to enjoy, feel free to make the experience as spa-worthy as you see fit.

  1. Set the mood

Lighting can seriously help when looking to create the perfect bath experience. Those harsh fluorescent lights that help you with your skincare routine? So not what you want for your indulgent and relaxing bath. If you have the option to dim these, turn them way down. But if not, try placing a few candles around your bath and bathroom area – enough so you can see what you’re stepping into – and then turn off the main light.

To create an even more tranquil mood, you might want to add some fresh plants, petals and even place some healing crystals in and around the tub. Some of the benefits claim to give you high vibrational vibes, which can help you to “recoup and recharge from life”. If you feel like adding a little something extra to your water, have a couple of bath bombs on standby to set the mood as you wish.

  1. Get the temperature right

When it comes to the heat of your bath, it all comes down to personal preference. Some like it hot, while others prefer things a little more on the warmer side. There’s no right or wrong way when it comes to optimum temperature but you’ll ideally want to make sure you have yours just right before stepping in, to ensure a constant feeling of relaxation throughout.

Though, remember, if it’s a little too tepid when you get in, you can always top things up to get it that bit toastier. Then you can sit back and bask in the comfort you’ve created.

  1. Add a few drops into the mix

A relaxing, heavenly and refreshing way to really sink back into your perfectly poured soak is to pick up some of your favourite essential oils. But remember to mix these with a carrier oil first as water and oil aren’t the best of friends. The best carrier oils to use are coconut, olive, sunflower or jojoba. Once you’ve chosen yours, add a tablespoon of the carrier oil into a decanter and add 1-3 drops of your favourite essential oil.

As you run the water and pour in some bubbles, add a few drops of your mixed up potion and give the water a swirl. Whether you opt for soothing citrus scents, luxurious lavender or relaxing rose, you’re guaranteed to give your body and your senses a tranquil treat.

  1. Supplement your experience

If you feel like a little extra something in the tub but essential oils aren’t really your thing, you could try some magnesium salts to soak sore muscles. All you need to do is add two cups of Epsom salt to any standard-size bathtub and then fill it with warm water. If you want to help the salts dissolve a little more quickly, you can also simply pour the salt straight into running water.

But if salts aren’t quite the supplement for you, you might want to step up your bath game by treating yourself to a luxurious bubble bath or cream.

Some even find a milk bath to be the perfect blend of soothing and indulgence. The benefits are thought to be endless. From hydrating your skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles to reducing tension, exfoliating skin, improving on your skin’s firmness and even helping to ease inflammatory responses in the body, a milk bath could well be the next step in creating the ultimate bath experience.

Throw in a few rose petals if you want to make yours super social media worthy.

  1. Turn the page

To create a bath experience where you can truly switch off, consider replacing your phone or tablet for a book. Not only can stepping away from your electronic devices help to calm your senses, but reading can help to further relax your body by “lowering your heart rate and easing the tension in your muscles.”

In fact, a 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. As you turn the pages of your favourite novel or magazine, combine with a bath pillow for a supercharged feeling of relaxation.

  1. Add a treatment or two

Ramp up the feeling of relaxation by taking in a treatment. Whether this is your favourite face mask, a new hair mask, some under-eye patches, or perhaps a combination of all three, this is the time to pamper yourself and create your own home spa experience.

You’ll come out feeling refreshed, relaxed and super hydrated from top to toe – what could be better?

  1. Try a homemade hydrotherapy session

“Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve pain or discomfort and to promote overall well being”. From hydrotherapy pools and compresses and wraps to saunas and steam rooms, there are various reasons why you would want to indulge in such a treatment. But aside from the majority of these taking place in spas, health centres and hospitals, you might be surprised to learn you can also create one in your very own walk-in baths.

As the most widely used type of hydrotherapy in the home, you can set your own one up by running a bath full of warm water in a bath while adding various remedies such as Epsom salts, dead sea salts, mineral mud, oats and various types of aromatherapy oils. To get the most out of this experience you need to make sure you spend at least 30 minutes soaking your troubles away.

Bathing Solutions even offers spatherapy as addition to our walk in baths if you wish. This is the use of air to gently massage you while you are bathing, and creates a spa-like atmosphere. Get in touch to learn more about this feature.