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A new home, new travel plans or a new school. Becoming separated from your family can happen easily but that doesn’t make it any easier. When small stays become a struggle and “I’ll call you when you’re free” becomes your most used phrase, living away from your family isn’t an easy pill to swallow. So, what can you do to cope?

Your most valued support network, your family are a cherished pillar in your life. They can be a huge part in creating the person you are today. Through thick and thin, your family are there to encourage you to try new things, comfort you when you’re down and offer advice when you need it most.

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Yet, sometimes we can’t all live close to our family for various reasons. Maybe you’ve moved to your dream house in a new area, because of work or improving quality of life as a whole. Seeing and speaking to your family isn’t as straightforward as it once was, but it’s not all bad.

What are the benefits of moving away from your family?

While it can be painful to move further away from your family or loved ones, thankfully there can also be benefits to moving away. These may not seem obvious immediately after you move away, but time to process can reveal them to you in time.

1. Independence – your family is like a comfort blanket, and now that you’ve had to let go of this, it’s a chance for you to grow more as your own person.

2. Appreciate the time you spend together more – although you might see your family less, it will make you value those moments even more.

3. Adapt to new environments – with greater independence, you can adapt and feel more comfortable in new surroundings easier. Being out of your comfort zone may force you to try new things, meet new people or take up new hobbies that you wouldn’t have known you’d enjoy.

However, as the people closest to you, who know you better than anyone else, being far away can be hard to handle.

When relationships become entwined with scheduled phone calls, the weight of the separation can be tough. But, knowing how to deal with the isolation will help you cope.

Schedule time to catch up

As you’re both busy, find a time that works for both your schedules. Pick an evening or a weekend morning where you’re both free and take the time to catch up. It initially might seem tricky, but it’ll soon become a habit and you’ll have a preferred time that will become yours.

Go on holiday

Although you cherish time together, living far apart makes meeting up almost impossible. Planning an exciting holiday not only gives you something great to look forward to but takes your mind off feeling homesick.

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Helpful apps to boost connectedness

You might be far disconnected in location, but with a savvy app, you can be as connected as ever. Whatsapp allows you to create a big family group conversation, where everyone can participate and get involved on your life’s updates. With a live video call, like FaceTime, you can talk to your family as though you’re right there with them.

Send little reminders

Showing your loved ones you care will keep your bond strong. A card in the post or a gift connected to an inside joke, it doesn’t have to big, but the gesture will move them. Sending something small is something they can treasure for years to come.

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Distance is never easy whatever the relationship, but to keep it strong it takes dedicated time and effort. Find out what coping tool works best for you and your family and soon it’ll become easier, and you may find you are living a more fulfilled and happier life because of your independence.

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