With Christmas and New Year now firmly behind us and half of January already safely negotiated, many of us will now be looking back fondly at the festive period. Presents, food, wine, TV and most importantly, time with our family makes the end of December the best time of the year.

Elderly lady comfortable at home

If you spent a lot of time with elderly relatives this year, then you could well be thinking about their mobility or lack of mobility and trying to work out how you can help. This is natural and something that many of us worry about when it comes to our parents.

With this in mind, we look at how you can improve your parents comfort in their own home and potentially allow them to stay in their home longer. It is a sad fact of life that the older people get, the more time they need to spend in their home, so it makes lots of sense to make them as comfortable as possible.

Get started today by reading on to see just how you can do this through the use of mobility aids, all of which you can acquire through Bathing Solutions.

Bathing Solutions

Of all the daily tasks that sadly become more difficult the older we get, bathing is perhaps the most arduous. Although we may take this seemingly simple task for granted, this does become quite a challenge as mobility decreases – especially when getting in and out of a traditional bath and shower. Thankfully, there is a comprehensive selection of bathroom mobility aids such as, walk-in baths, low level access showers, shower seats for the elderly and wet rooms, which can transform bathroom safety.

Indeed, these devices are not just ideal for the elderly, but can also improve bathing access for anyone who has sadly suffered a disability. Disabled baths now come in all sorts of stylish designs allowing it to fit seamlessly into your home. The implementation of mobility aids in the home is now ever so easy and far more affordable than many think.

Bathroom safety aid

Independent Living

Whether you are a son or daughter who has become worried about their parents’ quality of living and independence, have a less than able friend or relative or simply want to know how the home can be adapted, then there is an abundance of information available throughout the Bathing Solutions website or available on request.

These additions to the home, although significant, can actually be completed in next to no time when you use specialist installers and as mentioned, can actually be a stylish improvement to the home. Completing such work will also give you a fantastic peace of mind about your loved ones and enable them to spend the majority of their day getting on with the more important things in life, instead of struggling away with daily activities.

Range of Improvements

Simple adjustments such as shower seats for the elderly will mean that your mother or father can actually enjoy their time in the bathroom. As they will most probably tell you, conditions such as arthritis or just general lack of mobility can make such tasks painful and uncomfortable and sometimes lead to what is usually a pleasant task, to become something that can be dreaded.

Disabled baths and showers for the elderly will not only make cleansing an enjoyable experience once more it allows an independence which can easily be lost due to lack of mobility. These products can be installed in most homes. If you are worried that you or a family member have an unusual shaped or sized bathroom and therefore the addition of a new bathing product will be difficult or impractical then please get in touch with one of our friendly advisors who will assure you that there is something that can be done for most bathrooms regardless of shape and size.

Safe step walk-in shower access

Life Changing Decision

We understand that such a decision cannot be taken lightly and making such amendments to a home can be a life changer, but we are confident that the quality of life it provides makes it one of the best decisions you and your family will ever make. As bathroom mobility specialists, we are delighted to have seen mobility aids improve quality of life for mums and dads across the UK.

From speaking to all of our new and existing customers over the years, we have discovered that independence is perhaps the most important thing to the elderly and disabled. Therefore, being able to bathe in comfort and in no time at all, can set your family up for the day ahead with a smile on their face.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope this guide to improving your parents comfort in their own home has been of use. Please do take a look at some of the other great articles and resources we have available right here at the Bathing Solutions site and if you would like to speak to any of our representatives in person, just call us free of charge.

Alternatively, you can just fill out this quick form and we will be right in touch to discuss your family’s needs and requirements.