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Top festive events this Christmas

As the Christmas season fast approaches and decorations begin to appear, there’s no shortage of festive things to do and see in cities across the UK. Add one of our top picks to your calendar this winter.

Parkinson’s disease: Causes, symptoms & treatment

Research shows that 1 in 500 people in the UK are affected by Parkinson’s disease.Cells in the brain stop working properly and are lost over time. These cells make a chemical called dopamine, which lubricates the part of our brain that controls movement.

Accessible holiday destinations – at home and abroad

Great holidays offer more than the chance to simply slow down; they allow us to see the world, experience new sensations and enjoy time with family. That’s why it’s important you choose a destination that’s accessible for you.

Easy ways to brighten up your garden

Some psychology experts believe that colour can significantly affect our moods. For example, yellow is an invigorating and happy colour, whilst orange connotes joy and enthusiasm.

The most accessible festivals

There are many festivals that you can choose to attend, that will not only accommodate your creative and artistic tastes, but also have accessibility access.

How dementia affects daily activities

Dementia affects nearly every single aspect of a person’s life. It physically alters your brain, and totally changes the way you think about things, and how you perceive the environment around you. For this reason, living with dementia can make even the simplest daily activities become quite difficult.

Top accessible country homes in the UK

Great Britain has a lot and varied history, much of which is preserved in the form of great stately homes all around the country. But which of these are accessible if you are less mobile? Which can you visit without having to worry if you’ll be able to see it all?