A walk-in bath is a bathtub with a watertight door that allows the person to enter without the need to step over the side of the bath. They then shut the door, it fills with water and they can bathe. When finished, the water drains and they can exit safely.

This was a quick summary of how a walk-in bath works, but let’s look at the process in more detail below and see some of the different kinds of walk-in baths available to you their main features and benefits.

  1. Why choose a walk-in bath?
  2. The main types of walk-in bath
  3. So how does a walk-in bath work?

Why choose a walk-in bath?

As you get older or start experiencing reduced mobility from problems such as illness or injury, getting into or out of your bath may become difficult or even dangerous for some.

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If you are quite happy to have a shower and have a separate shower cubicle or wet room, that’s great and maybe the best option for you. However, many people still prefer the delight and relaxation of soaking in a warm bath. That’s where a walk-in bath or bath with transfer seat can still provide that option for you.

The main types of walk-in bath

Before we look at how a walk-in bath works, let’s take a look at the main options available:

  • Full-length or sit-up bath
  • Front or side opening door
  • Inward or outward opening door

full length walk in bathside opening walk in bath end opening bath





Those are the main options available to you. There are many other accessories that include, luxury extras such as spa functions and various size differences, but the first thing to look at is whether you require a full-length bath or the taller, sit-in bath. This will normally come down to individual needs and mobility.

The second thing to look at is the door types. This decision is often driven by your bathroom layout and the space that you have available. Most of our baths are available with Left or Right-handed options to suit all bathroom types.

So how does a walk-in bath work?

These are the main steps to using a sit-up type bath. Full-length baths often incorporate a raise and lower seat, so the following will refer to upright baths.

Access the bath via a low-entry step and door

Door heights will vary and we have some of the lowest-height steps available. Be careful when comparing other manufacturers as some often quote step heights based on sinking your bath below floor level. This often isn’t possible in many homes, so all of ours are based on above-floor height. Stepping in and out is much easier with a low threshold compared to stepping over the side of a traditional bath.

low access theshold

Close and seal the door

It may be obvious, but the seal is one of the most important aspects of a bath with a door. You may read reports or hear of people who have used these types of baths and the doors have leaked.

Bathing Solutions have been manufacturing these types of bath for over 25 years and we are so confident in our product, we offer a full warranty on our door seals for peace of mind.

The doors and closures are designed in such a way that closing and sealing the door can be done easily with little effort or strength, ideal for those who may suffer from arthritis for example. The bath itself is completely watertight, so there is no danger of spills or leakages onto your bathroom floor. Most people investigating switching from a more traditional bathtub to a walk-in bathtub always have this factor in their mind, because the last thing you want is your bath leaking and creating a mess in your bathroom. This thought is understandable, since the concept of a bath with a door is fairly novel. But rest assured, our walk-in bathtubs are completely watertight.

leak free door

Fill the tub using a thermostatically controlled mixer tap

A question that some people have asked is “will the water be too hot when I’m filling up the bath?”  We are happy to say that the answer is no. We only install baths that include thermostatically controlled mixed taps that make sure your bath is filled at a safe, comfortable temperature.

The time it takes to fill the bath can vary due to the water pressure in your home. Sometimes an additional pump is required to speed up this process. But this is something we check for you before any work is undertaken.

thermostatic taps

Enjoy your bath and maybe the optional luxury features

Our walk-in baths have a number of luxury options available for your comfort:

Spatherapy – This uses a series of jets placed around the bath that pump out bubbles of clean air. The gentle massaging effect of these bubbles helps relax muscles, stimulate the skin and induce physical well-being in individuals suffering from diabetes, arthritis, sciatica and migraines to name just a few conditions.

Chromotherapy – This is light-based therapy that encourages the mind and body to relax. Light waves are a form of energy that when individuals are exposed to them, can induce healing within the body.

Cosywarm – Some people are worried about getting cold when filling or emptying the bath if their home is not overly warm. We developed the Cosywarm to heat the seat and back area of your bath and this can be pre-warmed before you get into the bath.

Echo – A new feature from Bathing Solutions is our Echo Bluetooth sound system which uses the bath shell to project music from Bluetooth-enabled phones and music players wirelessly. This includes simple volume controls at your fingertips.

If your walk-in bath is not suited to you and you would like to replace it with a walk-in shower instead, check out our guide on replacing a bath with a walk-in shower. 

Drain your bath and safely exit

A walk-in bath is also a walk-out bath. Yes, you do have to drain the bath before you can open the door!

How long does it take to drain the bath?

The bath should take around the same time to drain as a traditional bath, depending on filling levels.

A bathroom heated to your preferred temperature is ideal, but if you need additional heating, the Cosywarm heated seat is a perfect solution. Our entire range of baths feature ergonomically designed slip-resistant seats and floors for your safety and comfort. Combine these with well-positioned and stylish grab bars and getting in and out of the bath can be safe and easy.

Bathing Solutions are proud that all of our walk-in baths have been made in the UK for over 25 years. Made by skilled craftsmen who use the latest technology and materials, hand finish your bath to your own specification.

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