There are a few ways to help make a bath a very relaxing experience. Candles, relaxing music and a book definitely spring to mind, but what about something else, to make it truly indulgent?

When it comes to walk-in baths, one of the biggest concerns is keeping warm whilst you fill and drain the bath. Because in a walk-in bath, you cannot open the door until all the water has drained.

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This often results in people being worried that they will be cold during this process as the time it takes depends on both water pressure and plumbing in each home.

One of the ways to prevent you becoming cold is to have your bathroom nice and warm when bathing, so that you do not become cold while you wait for the bath to drain.

However, there is another way to stay warm while the bath fills or empties, and this is by using one of our CosyWarm seats to do so.

What is a CosyWarm seat?

The CosyWarm seat is built into the bathtub, under the seat area of your bath. It gently heats up to keep your seat and backrest warm, and can even help to keep the bath warmer for longer.

You control the CosyWarm seat with a simple push button that turns it on and off, and the seat comes with an automatic cut-off to prevent overheating.

This means that when you get into the bath, you’ll be sitting on a comfortable, warm surface while the bath gently fills around you.

An indulgent experience

By adding a CosyWarm seat to your walk-in bath, you’ll be able to have a completely relaxing bathing experience, without worrying about being cold while the bath either fills or empties.

So why not treat yourself. Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read, because the CosyWarm seat truly makes for an indulgent bathing experience, where you can sit back and relax in your own tranquil world.

Which bath can I add it to?

The CosyWarm can be installed in all of our seated walk-in baths, such as The Minuette.

Walk-in bath with door

The Minuette allows you to have a proper seat, whilst being in a bath that is twice as deep as a traditional bath. The slip-resistant seat is even better when heated.

Wondering if a CosyWarm seat will work in the bathtub you want? Have general questions about how it works, and what benefits it provides? Why not chat to our helpful contact team, who are always on hand to answer any questions you have.