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Disability Bathrooms

When bathing becomes difficult, a disability bathroom could make all the difference to ensure that your bathing experience is both safe, comfortable and relaxing. Discover some of our most specialist disability bathroom installations below. For our full range of products, please view our walk-in showerswet rooms and walk-in baths.

The Esprit

  • Corner walk-in shower
  • Space-saving design

The Serenity

  • Full-length bath
  • Slip-resistant powered seat

The Baroness

  • Stylish & versatile design
  • Doors open fully for wheelchair access

The Royale

  • Bath & shower combination
  • Slip-resistant powered seat

The Aquarius Wet Room

  • No shower tray to step over
  • 100% waterproof showering area

The Independence

  • Slip-resistant powered seat
  • Optional shower canopy

We want to bring you comfort, safety and relaxation when you use our disability bathroom products, as we have a range of aids to suit all your bathing needs. Each one of our baths, showers and wet rooms have different elements of safety aids, to cover all angles when bathing and showering.

1.    Bathing Aids – At Bathing Solutions, we encourage you to consider all disabilities or mobility issues before choosing your bathing solution. To understand what features are the best option for you, read more below on our wide range of disabled bathing aids.

2.    Grab Rails – You shouldn’t fear slipping or falling in the bathroom – make bathing a pleasure again. From soap holders to towel rails, everything can be designed with your safety in mind.

3.    Bath Seats – While your safety is at the forefront of what we do, we also endeavour to provide you with the best comfort and quality with our secure and fixed temperature bath seats.


Disabled Bathing Aids

Our disability bathing aids help you deal with the struggle of having a bath or shower. Our showers feature comfortable seats which can fold out of the way when not in use and these can be seen on all of our showers. Another disabled bath aid is a grab bar, which is a must for safety and extra support.

Struggling when trying to have a bath is unfortunately a reality for some people and if that’s you, then disability bath aids are what you need.

We have a range of disabled bathing aids to ensure you have the confidence and peace of mind needed to become more independent at bath time. Or if you prefer, an easy access shower could be just the update your bathroom needs to make you feel safer in your home.

Either way, we can offer a range of options from walk-in baths and showers, full-length baths and conventional baths complete with bath lifts.



Powered bath seats, half-height shower doors and grab bars

Our full-size bath comes with exceptional disability bath aids – rising seats, removable extending power seats and some with walk-in options. These are designed for wheelchair users who require the luxury of full-length bathing and need that extra bit of assistant.

At the touch of a button the chair will extend to a safe height to enable a smooth transfer from wheelchair to bath.

Once you’re on the chair, it will lower you gently into the bath, with a leg lifting facility to guide you smoothly and an extendable slip-resistant chair to give extra peace of mind.

If you’re dreaming of an easy access shower then you’ll love our various options, suitable for a range of different bathrooms.

For example, The Baroness is a stylish, versatile, easy access shower. It has unique multi-fold glass doors which can either be fitted as full height panels or as half height sections.

These can be joined together or opened independently to facilitate assisted bathing – ensuring you can sit or stand in comfort while your carer can lean over to help you.

You could of course have an open shower, with no doors, if you require even more access. A wet room bathing solution might solve any accessibility issues you might have.

One excellent feature of these disability bathing aids is that the ultra-low, slip resistant shower trays mean the wheelchair can be taken right up the shower.

Other disabled bath aids include a grab bar for extra stability when sitting in an easy access shower or bath and comfortable, stylish, chairs both in wooden or padded options.

Walk in, sit down in comfort, walk out – there’s less to worry about with our safety features, including the fear of tripping trying to step up, or step out, of a bath or a shower.

With an extensive range of options to choose from – including stylish finishes and sanitary ware we can ensure we give you a complete bathroom to last for years to come.


Grab Rails for Showers

Grab rails are great for extra support in the bathroom. They allow you to move about safely and independently, giving you more security. These can aid you when getting in and out the bath or shower as they allow you to maintain your balance.

Grab rails/bars are designed with the aim of enabling a person to maintain their balance, to provide extra security when getting into and out of the bath or standing from a shower seat. A carer may need to use a grab rail to help transfer a patient from one place to another.


Grab bars make one of the most dangerous movements that people make, stepping into and out of the bathtub or from a wet shower much safer, reducing the risk of accidents.

  1. Make sure grab bars are only fitted by professional installers as otherwise these may be unsafe.
  2. Grab bars come in many modern designs and often double as towel rails or soap dishes.
  3. Bathing Solutions work with you to decide on the safest position for your grab rails.

Power seats –simple and easy to use

They can be installed in various locations, it depends on the needs of the users and how much space is available in the bathroom.

If the use is able to step into the tub or shower when in a standing position, a grab rail at the entrance of the tub may be best so that the grab bar can safely support the user when climbing over the tub wall.

Grab bars no longer have to be an ugly feature or look like they should be installed in a hospital environment; in fact they can compliment any contemporary bathroom design. Modern grab bars come in a luxury chrome finish and designs double as towel rails, soap dishes and even toilet roll holders.


Grab Bars Not Recommended

Tub Mounted Grab Bars

These grab bars are clamped onto the tub wall therefore they are not permanently attached. They’re designed to be used only with a downward force when standing for example, when climbing over the tub wall. Due to the grab bar not being permanently attached to the wall, grabbing onto the bar when the user is getting up can dislocate the bar from the tub rim, which could potentially result in an injury.

In addition to this, even when the tub mounted grab bars are used while standing, it can easily pull off if it wasn’t installed properly after the tub was cleaned.

Suction Grab Bars

Suction grab bars are temporarily attached to the wall with a suction cup. These bars initially seem strong but they are not designed to support a person’s full weight so make sure they are checked before each use because the suction attachment will get weaker as time passes and you never know when the time for it to give in will come.

The only times these grab bars are recommended are if you are in desperate need of a grab bar daily and you are travelling where you will not have access to a grab bar; these grab bars are portable and so they can be used wherever you go.

Professional fitting

Grab bars are a safety aid and as such should only be fitted by professional installers. Our bathroom specialists will work with you to make sure any grab bars are fitted in the safest and handiest place to suit you.

Bathing Solutions only fit grab bars when supplied with walk-in baths or easy-access showers.


Bath Seats

A bath seat can help you get in and out of the bath with fewer limitations. A power seat is a great solution if you’re struggling to lower yourself into a traditional bath. A fitted power seat lowers you gently into the water then lifts you back out when you’ve finished bathing.

Getting in and out of the bath can be a pain for someone with reduced or limited mobility. If that’s you then don’t give up on bathing altogether, you just need a bath seat. Using a power seat can be a safe, easy access alternative to struggling when trying to step into a bath. And sometimes it’s not the stepping in that elderly people worry about; it’s the getting out with wet feet which can be equally unnerving.

Some bath seats are removable for when not all family members require mobility assistance.

Consider whether you need a leg lift or just help raising and lowering into and out of the bath.

The pleasure of bathing should be accessible to all. Using a bath seat can make bathing a pleasure again. If you’re experiencing this, then a fitted power seat could be for you. It will lower you gently, at the touch of a button into the water, enabling you to continue having relaxing baths with peace of mind about safety.

And while some baths do come with fixed bath seats, they don’t all have to. If there are more able-bodied people living in your household then you might want to consider a removable seat.

You really can have the best of both worlds with The Serenity. It features a walk-in option with a small door at the foot of the bath to enable those who have difficulty to get straight in. And the power seat will lower you into the water so you can enjoy full-length bathing.

But these bath seats can be removed to restore it to a conventional version for other family members or guests to use.

If your needs are greater, we can install bath seats for disabled people. The Independence is suitable for wheelchair users because it allows you to go right up to the bath and the power seat will take you in and out.


With a contoured, slip resistant chair it works like a dream – taking you from side to side, up and down, lowering you gently into the water in the full-length bath. The seat can also include a leg lifting facility if you need further support.

If you’re more mobile, our walk-in baths designed with bath seats for elderly people, enable even easier access. With fixed chairs installed as part of the design, you walk-in, sit down and allow yourself to be immersed in water up to your shoulders – talking the phrase “deep soak” to another level.

Are you at the stage where you or your loved needs a helping hand? Then our consultants can advise you on the right bath seat for your home.

Just download this handy brochure to find out about our many different options for stress-free bathing for years to come.



After struggling with bathing it can be difficult to know whether you’re going to enjoy your bath time again. At Bathing Solutions we are committed to making your experience safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

All our walk-in-showers and baths have an easy entry door to create easy access allowing you to have more independence and security when bathing/showering.

Further safety precautions

3 tips before you get your new bathing solution

  • If you have a free home survey, have your loved ones with you so you can find the best solution for the whole family.
  • If you don’t own your own property, make sure you have permission from your landlord before you make any changes to your bathroom.
  • Dependent on your age or mobility issue you may qualify for a reduced rate of VAT. Please speak to one of our advisors for more details.

Our service includes

  • Free design & quotation
  • Installer pre-fit technical survey
  • Full installation service
  • Full range of accessories
  • Fitting of wall & floor coverings
  • All plumbing services
  • Fully certified electricians
  • Removal & disposal of old bathroom
  • Bathrooms designed for safety

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