Chromotherapy is one of the additional extras that we offer for our walk-in baths. It’s based on light therapy, a type of medicine that has existed in some cultures of thousands of years.

The principle behind light therapy is that certain waves of light – and therefore certain colours – can affect the human body. Therefore, light therapy suggests that these colours can affect the emotional and physical wellbeing of a person.

But how do the colours affect your mood? And what effects does each colour have? Keep reading to find out.


Red is a strong colour and, as such, is believed to increase the pulse, raise blood pressure and increase the rate of breathing. If you are having trouble with circulatory or nervous functions, red is a good colour to apply.


Pink is a more moderate form of red, essentially. Pink is more emotional and is believed to heal grief and sadness. Pink can restore youthfulness, and brings you into contact with your feelings.


Like pink, orange is a more moderate form of red. It is warm and cheery, without being constricting. Orange is known to have a freeing effect on the body and mind, relieving repressions. Orange can also help stimulate creative thinking, or assimilate new ideas.


Yellow is a very bright colour, the brightest colour used in chromotherapy, and is known to help strengthen the nerves and the mind. By stimulating nerves, it can help with inspiration or a higher mentality. Yellow is a good colour for those who have nerve-related conditions or ailments.


Green is colour of all things natural. It brings balance and harmony, wherever it is applied. Green has a very soothing influence on the body and mind. Green can help with hormones, either stimulating or rejuvenating them. Green is also known to help harmonise the digestion, stomach, liver and gall.


Blue is known for being a cooling colour, but this can also help physically. Inflammations, for example from arthritis, are thought to be cooled with the application of blue. Blue light can also help calm strong emotions, such as anger, irritability, aggression, and even hysteria.


Indigo – a distinct and separate colour from violet – is often used to address conditions involving the eyes, ears and nose. It’s a great purifier of the bloodstream, as a freeing and purifying agent.


Violet is the colour of transformation, and is often used to calm the nervous system, organs and help relax muscles. Violet is widely known to help with meditation, as first proclaimed by Leonardo da Vinci.


Want to find out if you can get chromotherapy in your new walk-in bath? Talk to one of our lovely contact team to find out. Alternatively, find out more about the special features we offer with some of our baths.