Reassessing your bathroom to make it more wheelchair friendly can be tricky. It’s a task that can have many feeling indecisive about what the best solution is. Yet, accessibility doesn’t just include easier access; it means feeling safe and secure to have the most enjoyable bathing experience.

wheelchair users

Research shows that wheelchairs are used by an estimated 1.2 million people in the UK. Many consider whether they should move altogether if their homes are completely inaccessible – or decide to remain in their homes and undertake a renovation. Yet, creating a bathroom that suits wheelchair users could be simpler than you think.

At Bathing Solutions, we understand our customers’ needs, and we make it our mission to adapt our designs to suit their lifestyles. The most important aspect in a bathroom – particularly wheelchair-accessible bathrooms – is the comfort of bathing.

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Wet room


Wet rooms are very versatile as they can be suitable for the whole family.  Take some time to think about how you would like to style your wet room. If you choose a contemporary finish, then features like the wet room has a minimal design to match your taste. Shower enclosures can be chosen to give you the best access if you are a wheelchair user.

The beauty of minimalistic bathroom looks is that they can suit any bathroom. The subtle design will also help to optimise the space, giving the illusion of a bigger room, whilst leaving more space for you to move around

Additionally, if your bathroom has poor lighting, try incorporating soft neutral colours like white, cream or beige, on the walls or with small accessories. The natural colours will reflect throughout the whole bathroom and will help to brighten your room.

The most attractive part of a wet room is the fact that it has level access flooring. Level access flooring is a great solution to create an inclusive bathroom for all.

The next decision to make is where would you like to install your new bathroom – upstairs or downstairs? Think about your daily routine and look where it would fit best.

Level access flooring

Level access flooring is the most important aspect of a wheelchair-friendly bathroom. Standard bathrooms often have heavy restrictions e.g. the flooring may have high grooves, an inaccessible entrance – that aren’t necessarily easy to spot for someone who has full mobility.

Grab bars

Grab bar

Wherever there is room to add extra support in the bathroom, don’t hesitate to use the free space. Our contemporary grab bars are excellent to support your balance and promote independent living. This simple addition will make you feel safer and more confident to enjoy your bathing experience.

We’re able to adapt the height of the bathroom fixtures to make them suitable for you, as we want to make bathing easy as possible.

Anti-slip mat

Let’s not forget about the simpler additions to the bathroom, that can support your bathing care. An anti-slip map can be added and removed easily for those that need it.

We all have the right to feel comfortable and relaxed when bathing, and by making a few adjustments to your bathroom – your previous bathing issues will be a distant memory. Speak to one of our advisors, and they’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process.