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Creating a bee friendly garden

To attract bees to your garden, you need to find the right plants. Luckily, this is relatively easy as there are 1000s of types of plants that bees love.

5 easy spring walks

Spring has almost sprung, so for many of us it means it’s almost time to dust off our walking boots. We look at 5 beautiful Spring walks in the UK.

8 tips to improve your balance

One in three adults will have a serious fall each year, and many suffer serious complications as a result. We have 8 tips to help improve your balance.

What is Labyrinthitis?

The symptoms of labyrinthitis can include dizziness, hearing loss and vertigo. Are you at risk and how can it be treated?

Dementia can cause poor balance

There are many reasons that people can start to lose their balance as they get older. We take a look a vascular dementia and the loss of balance.

5 Christmas volunteer programs you can get involved in

Christmas is the time for giving, and thinking of others. This Christmas, there will be so many families that won’t have an amazing Christmas. They will be worried about putting food on the table. There will be children going without presents and thousands of elderly...

9 magical European Christmas destinations to visit

Christmas is almost upon us! Whether you want to spend your Christmas in the deep snow of the polar north, or simply wrapped up warm in the Christmas spirit of a more temperate climate – we have you covered. We’ve rounded up the best Christmas destinations for you to...