The start of the New Year means that the majority of the nation are currently embarking on rigorous fitness regimes. A mixture of a boozy and foody Christmas and the fact that you are most probably having endless fad diets and reduced rate gym memberships advertised to you non-stop, means that all of us are under pressure to make a big effort to lose weight.

Exercise for older people

This is particularly the case for over 50’s, who are under no illusions that now is the time to get into shape and reduce the risk of problems such as heart disease and diabetes. However, going straight from a regimen of fatty food and limited exercise to an intense fitness plan can actually be very dangerous. As such, Bathing Solutions team has put together this intriguing guide to some of the more relaxed activities that can actually yield some surprising results.

If you are interested in fitness over 50 or exercise for the elderly, then you should most definitely read on…

Walking Football

Walking football has become somewhat of a phenomenon since its inception around five years ago and allows even less able bodied individuals to play the beautiful game. Due to the fact that it can be played both indoors and out and allow players of any skill or fitness level to participate, it has ended up being a real hit for people looking to boost their fitness over the age of 50.

So popular has walking football become, that it has been covered on Sky Sport and even been recognised as an official variant of association football. The sport was devised by the Chesterfield F.C Community Trust, making it a truly British pastime.

There are obviously many differences between walking football and its more popular counterpart, but essentially running is banned and will actually result in a free kick. The ball cannot go over hip height and things such as slide tackles and other strenuous parts of the game are also prohibited.

So, if you are elderly or less able bodied and want to take up a bit of football to boost your fitness, then walking football is probably for you. It promotes cardiovascular fitness and means that there is far less stress on certain parts of the body, adding to its appeal.


Many over 50’s are put off yoga, especially the guys, but this is actually an activity which grows in popularity every year and is incredibly good for you. The majority of the complaints that elderly people have with their body are related to tension and stiffness and yoga or even hot yoga are perfect remedies for this.

If you are looking to get fit this winter and are a little daunted by the prospect of lengthy runs and sweaty gyms, then yoga is well worth some serious thought. As well as boosting fitness, it also helps with flexibility, strength and vitality – especially during the later years.

Indeed, you may well find that yoga can instill in you a whole new world of confidence. The added firmness to skin, elasticity of the spine, strength and tone of muscles and improved posture that it provides can quite literally change your life.

The best thing about yoga is that there will be a gym or dedicated yoga centre just down the road from you, all of which will welcome beginners. So, there is no time like the present for the elderly or less physically able to take up yoga and enjoy its vast benefits.


Last, but definitely not least, Pilates is a fantastic activity for over 50s or the elderly to take up if they are looking to boost their fitness more gently. This form of exercise is even less intense than yoga but has become the choice for many over 50s across the globe over the last few decades.

Perhaps most crucially for individuals in their more advanced years is that this form of exercise for the elderly does not put undue strain on the lungs or heart.

Many people think that this means it is not effective, but they are way off the mark. Although Pilates does not push your body through the pain barrier, it has a wide range of benefits for your physical and mental wellbeing.

If you have not worked out for a while, then Pilates could be a great way to start your fitness plan if you are over 50. Along with a bit of walking football, this activity will help you to boost your strength, stamina and flexibility gradually and in the right way. In addition to this, the instructor at your chosen gym or Pilates centre will be able to help you get into the stride of things.

You can find out lots more about Pilates and how it is the perfect exercise plan for the elderly, by visiting their website which contains all sorts of resources.

Make a Change

If you are serious about boosting your fitness and you are over 50, then a combination of the above will most definitely be a fantastic start. There are also all sorts of other things that can make a huge difference and we are sure you have heard them all before.

However, taking the stairs instead of the lift, cutting down on your fatty foods and carbohydrates and walking wherever possible can all help you to burn those calories. We all like to make a big effort in January and February but these steps can help you to change your lifestyle throughout the year. Taking the plunge and getting going with these activities is often the hardest part.