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Just because we get older, doesn’t mean we stop achieving. Below are 8 seniors who you may never have heard of who continue to live life to the fullest regardless of age, proving that age is never something that should stand in your way or stop you from reaching your goals or learning something new.

The world’s oldest person to begin primary school


Kenyan man Kimani Maruge was the oldest person at 84 years old to enrol in primary school in January 12th, 2004. The inspiring story had caught the attention of not only local media but generated world-wide interest and intrigue. The great-grandfathers inspirational story of persistence in the striving for education has since been produced into a movie titled, ‘The First Grader’. A model student, he was even elected head boy of his school. Image source

The world’s oldest band


The oldest band is called ‘Golden Senior Trio’, which consists of three active members aged 78, 81 and 89 years old. The Kansai jazz band, active since September 2008 recently won the title from The Guinness Book of Records and have performed more than 20 gigs in the last five years. Image source

The world’s oldest gymnast


German native Johanna Quaas at 86 years old still regularly performs floor-and-beam routines and competes in amateur competitions to this day. The 11-time German Senior Champion is another The Guinness Book of World Records title holder and began her career at the age of 56, even co authoring a gymnastics text book ‘Gertatturnen’. Image source


The world’s oldest doctor

Worlds oldest Doctor

American Paediatrician Dr Leila Denmark was the world’s oldest doctors at 103. A pioneering doctor, she was one of the first doctors to object to cigarette smoking around children and drug use in pregnant women. She spanned many decades, going on to treat her first patient’s great grandchildren. Retiring in 2001, the super centenarian lived to be 114 years old – we would listen to her medical advice any day!

The world’s oldest fashion icon


Fashion icon Iris Apfel at 94 years old is one of the industry’s most awe-inspiring figures. The star of the documentary ‘Iris’ by Albert Maysles, she is best known for her unique look, along with her business savy and interior design work – having taken part in design restorations at the White house for nine presidents. Iris’ look is iconic, uniformly dressing in bright burst of colours and textures accompanied with her wide-rimmed, circular glasses – making her hard to miss by hordes of street style photographers. Image source

The world’s oldest fashion photographer


Similarly to Iris Apfel, Bill Cunningham at 87 is a famed fashion icon, being a common fixture on the streets of global fashion weeks. The octogenarian is highly revered and respected within the industry and has a long career that spans decades, best known for his candid and street photography with The New York Times. Image source

The world’s oldest yoga instructor


At 97 years old Tao Porchon-Lynch holds The Guinness Book of World Records title as the world’s oldest yogi. With 70 years of yoga practice and over 45 of teaching around the world, Porchon-Lynch still remains active within the yogi community. Image source

The world’s oldest female bodybuilder


Ernestine Shepherd at 77 is titled as the world’s oldest competitive female bodybuilder in The Guinness Book of World Records. As a competitor and also certified as a Personal Trainer, Shepherd is an inspiring figure that has not only proved but instils and reminds her clients ‘do not forget – age is nothing but a number and you can get fit’. Image source

Has this list inspired you to get out there and take the plunge to learn something new? We would love to hear about your achievements later in life for our breaking barriers campaign and how you stay fit and mentally active.

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