Feeling confident to perform everyday tasks at home is essential to feeling independent. Even if someone has restricted mobility or a disability, having a home adapted to meet any specific needs promotes independent living.

What are home adaptions?

Updating your home with an accessible bathroom to assist with mobility can be straightforward. From adding a folding seat to your shower or installing a safety grab bar in your wet room – there are simple features you can add that are easy to install and have wondrous practical benefits.

Why is independent living important in the bathroom?

Home adaptions that promote independent living are particularly popular in the bathroom. This is because bathrooms are, perhaps surprisingly so, one of the main areas in the house where people fall and injure themselves.

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When the flooring in a bathroom becomes wet, the slippery surface can make moving around the room difficult. Some showers and baths also have awkward access, with raised flooring, for example, and as such increase the risk of falling.

If someone has problems with their mobility, it makes day to day activities – that once may have been taken for granted – much more of a struggle. And combined with the already dangerous risks in a bathroom, the benefits of integrating special features should not be overlooked.

Can home adaptions look good?

Updating your bathroom with mobility aids no doubt has great practical benefits, yet can they look good?

If you’re looking to improve the access and safety in your bathroom that will also be a functional and stylish investment for the future, then you’re in luck. At Bathing Solutions, we offer tailored solutions to suit to your needs.

There’s no need to worry about the finished look, as there are plenty of customisable options where you can choose the perfect wall and flooring designs for you.

How can I promote independent living in the bathroom?

So, if you’re looking to make your bathroom experience as good as it can be; it starts with mobility aids. Transform your bathroom and your independence with an updated bathroom feature that will last for years to come.

  1. Grab bars

Adding grab bars to your bathroom are the ultimate fixture to help you getting in and out of the shower. Discover our wide range of available options here and see how you can equip your bathroom with safety.

  1. Folding seat

A folding seat attaches to the wall in your walk in shower and adds to the ease of your bathing. They have profiled edges for added comfort, crafted in a rust-less stainless-steel frame and can support up to 254kg for guaranteed long-lasting support.

  1. Easy to clean shower tiles

Showers can get dirty easily and are often a hassle to clean. Yet, with our easy-clean wall boards cleaning your bathroom just got a whole lot easier. They are 100% waterproof, easy to keep pristine with a hygienic wipe clean surface and have excellent insulation.

  1. Low-level access shower trays

This shower tray is raised ever-so slightly off the ground (around 40mm), so that you can easily step in and out of the shower – minimising the risk of any trips or falls.

  1. Walk-in baths

Transform your bathing experience with unbelievable safety and security with a walk-in bath. The range available at Bathing Solutions features wide opening doors for easy access in and out, and thermostatically controlled taps with easy-to-use controls, so you can always bathe in the perfect temperature for you.

For more inspiration, why not find out more about the benefits a walk-in bath can do for your independence in our latest blog post here.