Walk-in showers are a perfect way to eliminate the difficulties of getting in and out of a conventional bath or shower. The following reasons will explain why installing a walk-in shower in your home will make you feel at ease and make your showering habits much easier.

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1. Easy to Access

Walk-in showers remove safety risks, particularly if you struggle with your mobility. Our walk-in showers are all slip resistant, accompanied by a low-level access tray to make it much more manageable to manoeuvre in and out of the bathroom. Additionally, our showers are low-level accessible with particular  ranges offering a half-door or no-door option.

2. Easy to Clean

Cleaning a shower or bath can be difficult and potentially dangerous. All our walk-in showers come with anti-bacterial trays and are easy access meaning all areas are more accessible for cleaning. Our walk-in showers are very simple to clean, and don’t require any particular cleaning products.

3. Custom Design

Whether your bathroom is big or on the smaller side, there is no standard size as they are customer made to your bathroom size. Therefore, you can customise the design to fit your bathroom and personal needs. Bathrooms are often strange shapes or lack in space, with a customised walk-in shower you can ensure you don’t have to make any compromises in your bathroom.

4. Increased Safety

As mentioned earlier, walk-in showers offer low-level entry to increase personal safety. Other safety options, such as safety grab bars to make you feel safe and secure if you need an additional mobility aid. Feeling confident and assured, is a priority. Placing grab bars at entry and exit positions will increase your independence getting in and out of the shower.

5. Available with a folding seat

Standing for long periods without an aid can be difficult. That’s why our walk-in showers offer a folding seat option. You’ll be able to enjoy longer, safer and more relaxing showers.

6. Wheelchair accessible

Accessing a shower or bath for wheelchair users can be a difficult experience. That’s why we have designed showers that can accommodate a wheelchair. The Imperial features double doors located at the corner of the unit to create a simple entry point and space for a carer, if needed. Our wet rooms also have floor level access, ideal for wheelchair users.

7. Slip Resistant

Slipping in the bathroom is a common cause of injury in the home.  Our walk-in showers all come with slip resistance trays as standard. Giving you and your loved one’s extra peace of mind.

With so many benefits of installing a walk-in shower in your home, why not give us a call and we can take you through your options. Read through our walk-in shower options, and download a free brochure or speak to one of our advisors to assist you to make the best decision for you.