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How to prevent falls later in life

A third of adults over 65 living at home will fall at least once a year. Falling is so common that we think it’s inevitable. Yet, are we simply overlooking some vital ways to prevent falls in later life? Accidents happen all the time. But as we get older the chances...

8 tips to improve your balance

Falls are one of the biggest medical problems that many older people will face. One in three adults will have a serious fall each year, and unfortunately many suffer serious complications as a result.Falls are often considered a natural part of getting older. After...

What is Labyrinthitis?

Labyrinthitis, sometimes referred to as vestibular neuritis, is a disorder that affects the labyrinth of the ear, causing it to become inflamed. The labyrinth is a delicate structure found deep in the inner ear. When inflamed, it can affect your hearing and balance....