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How mindfulness can help those with a disability

Mindfulness has been gaining momentum in the public eye over the last 10 years or so. It has been described as both a practice and a way of being, with many saying it has improved their own quality of life.Recently, mindfulness has become a tool for helping those with...

Take Control of Your Emotions with Exercise

More and more, research stresses the link between an active body and a healthy mind. Especially for those of older age, exercise is an excellent way to manage your emotional state. While reduced mobility may make the task of regular exercise seem daunting, there are...
Cat sleeping in bed

Can a Better Bedroom Routine Improve Your Health?

Imagine if you were told you could have a magic medicine, that if used correctly could increase your energy, heighten your memory, sharpen your cognitive function, improve your immunity and help you live a long healthy life? Imagine still, that every single human on...