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Winter walk

It maybe cold, dark and a touch wet outside but there’s no need to pack away your walking boots. The winter months are a wonderful time to enjoy a rainbow of colours as you explore the great outdoors – and the UK has it all, from countryside tracks to wildlife trails and coastal paths.

Aside from the dazzling views, a winter walk offers you the chance to exercise at your own pace – so if you have limited mobility, it’s the ideal way to get moving and spend time outdoors. Plus, it could even help to improve your health and spirits, as the rejuvenating power of nature can help to alleviate stress and discomfort.

Here are our top winter walks to explore this season.

Epping Forest, Essex

For a true taste of winter, take a walk through the beech and oak trees within the sprawling Epping Forest. On a cold and crisp day, the bright yellow and dazzling orange shades are sure to be even more spectacular.

Petworth Park, West Sussex

As you would expect, the Ancient Tree Walk offers the chance to see some truly ancient trees, including a 1,000-year-old oak tree. You’ll also find plenty of wildlife, including herds of deer who call this park home.

Ickworth Park, Suffolk

The Ickworth Estate’s circular Albana Walk offers visitors a feast for the eyes all year round – but during the winter months, this woodland walk is even more magical. Take in the spectacular yellow and red hues of the beech, chestnut, maples and oak trees that line the footpath. Look out for deer and pretty birds. Then, stop off for a hot drink at one of the estate’s three cafés.

Clent Hills, Worcestershire

If you’re craving a little peace and tranquillity, head to the Clent Hills. This wildlife haven is home to the Nature’s Harvest walk, a relaxed two-mile amble where you can pick blackberries and watch out for wildlife. Leave your car at the Nimmings Wood Car Park and enjoy the easy walk that will take you to the top of Clent Hill and the Four Stones. From here, you’ll be able to enjoy views of endless countryside, mixed with a few urban sights.

Nostell, West Yorkshire

Meander along peaceful lakeside paths and drink in the colourful palette of winter hues surrounding you before exploring the captivating Menagerie Garden. Afterwards, make your way through a carpet of pine cones, acorns and conkers in the woodland. Enjoy the views of the red, orange and golden leaves from the maple, hazel and beech trees.

Brownsea Island, Dorset

This easy 1-mile amble offers wonderful views to the Purbeck Hills, coupled with peaceful places to stop for a rest. Here, you can enjoy the coastal views or sights and sounds of Poole Harbour. Watch out for red squirrels hunting for chestnuts amongst the fallen leaves, explore the ancient ruins of the old brick vinery or simply enjoy a breath of fresh winter air as you spot wildlife in the lily ponds.

Bute Park and Llandaff Fields, Wales

Colourful and flat, Bute Park is known for having one of the very best urban tree collections in Wales. This attractive park boasts woodland, riverside and mature parkland areas, so there’s plenty of wildlife here all year round. Wander alongside the River Taff before crunching through the fallen leaves on nearby Llandaff Fields.

Have you found the perfect place for your next winter walk?

Whatever your plans this fall, be sure to make time in your schedule for a refreshing winter walk. Don’t forget, walking is free, relatively easy and the perfect way to get moving.

And if you’re living with reduced mobility, you can still get involved. Many popular walking routes are accessible to wheelchair users. The National Trust has an Access Guide which offers further details on the accessibility options available at each of their properties. The Walks with Wheelchairs website also provides totally free information on UK walks to people with mobility issues.

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