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Sound therapy is the new form of meditation. Forget quiet yoga rooms and silently counting your breath. The new wave of meditation is all about calming your mind to the beat of relaxing music. And all whilst taking a bath.

With forms of meditation becoming increasingly popular, so much so that in recent years mindfulness is being widely requested on the NHS. Individual’s across the UK are striving for their dose of relaxation in any way they can: whether it be beer yoga or goat yoga to reach a calm state of mind.

Searching for your sweet serenity doesn’t have to mean trying the latest bizarre yoga trend. With sound therapy, you can create your tranquil state at home through an enhanced bathing experience.

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy uses music and soothing sounds to take your focus away from your thoughts and create a calming environment to relax. Natural sounds can change your mind and body, encouraging well-being in individuals.

How does sound therapy benefit you?

Music can have a powerful impact on our emotions; upbeat music can heighten happiness levels and sad songs can provide a comforting substitute for any blue feelings you’re experiencing.

When it comes to relaxing vibrations of sound therapy, there’s no surprise that it becomes reflective of your mood. The vibrations from the sound help your mind switch off to manage your wellbeing, which can help lower your stress levels, alleviate any pain, and relieve anxiety.

It’s an impressive therapy method, that has proved so effective that calming music has even been used in surgery. Research has shown that (with music) patients experienced less pain and anxiety compared to individuals who had no music.

What does Bathing Solutions offer?

At Bathing Solutions, we provide this innovative therapy in a walk-in bath with the Echo. The Echo system is cleverly built within your walk-in bath and wirelessly will project sound from your music player.

What are the key features of Echo sound therapy?

  • Through an integrated sound system, it uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your music device.
  • The system is compatible with Apple or Android phones and Bluetooth enabled MP3 players.
  • There are useful volume controls, attached to your bath, so you can adjust to your needs.

Create the perfect place to unwind after a long day with an Echo from Bathing Solutions. It’s a practical addition to your bathroom that the whole family can enjoy. Find out more about this special feature and how you can add it your home here.