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The decision to integrate assisted bathing facilities (walk in bath, walk in shower, wet room etc) into your bathroom is not likely to be a particularly cosmetic-based one. However, we’ve found that avoiding that old “hospital bathroom” look can go a long way to making you feel far more contented, independent and self-assured in your own beautiful home.

Here are our top tips for a gorgeous, functional, safe bathroom environment!

  • Plan your spaces carefully. Before fitting one of our walk-in showers or baths, one of our accomplished designers will create an assisted bathing solution tailored to your needs. In terms of peripherals and bathroom accessories, be sure to mention your needs to our designers, who understand the amount of space you’ll require when changing, getting in and out of the walk in bath.
  • Easy cleaning is essential to keep your bathroom looking spick, span and inviting. Our range of walk in baths and showers are designed to be effortlessly cleaned.
  • Re-arranging accessories like mirrors, grab rails and so on helps to make your bathroom appear bespoke rather than hastily adapted.
  • Matching, easily cleaned colours can work wonders in brightening up even the most compact of mobility adapted bathrooms. Most designers recommend a neutral base colour (like white, cream, light blue etc) with added colourful, interchangeable accessories to avoid the “hospital” look.

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