Something that many of us find difficult no matter what are age or ability is getting motivated to get out of the house and take part in outdoor activities. For individual’s suffering with Parkinson’s this becomes even more of a challenge. Choosing outdoor activities can be a daunting proposition for some because of either mobility issues or social anxieties. However, there is a whole world of new and interesting pastimes and hobbies that can be pursued, some of which may even help with Parkinson’s symptoms, maintaining balance and mobility.

Yoga for Parkinson's Disease sufferers

Below you can find a short list to explain some of the best physical activities for Parkinson’s sufferers. We have selected three for the remainder of the winter and three that would be perfect for the forthcoming summertime. These activities may not be for everyone and we always advise that you should seek medical advice before taking part in any new exercise.

Wintertime Physical Activities for Parkinson’s Sufferers

Yoga – Yoga and in particular, adaptive yoga, is an extremely popular hobby for many people at the moment including individuals suffering from Parkinson’s. As well as being incredibly good for anyone’s mental well-being, this form of exercise promotes strength, balance, helps with mood and sleep as well as flexibility and mobility – all of which can be adversely affected by the Parkinson’s Disease. What’s more, because yoga can be done indoors and outdoors, it can be maintained throughout the winter months.

Theatre & Dance – Getting involved in theatre and dance can be incredibly good exercise as well as a great way to get out and be sociable. Perhaps the best thing about this type of physical activity is that it doesn’t really seem like exercise, so you can burn the calories and get into great shape without even realising it. If you are interested in participating in a dance class, perhaps you have always fancied taking up Ballet there are a number of options that can be found on the Parkinson’s website.

Alpine/Nordic Skiing – Although some forms of skiing could be a little painful for sufferers of Parkinson’s, Alpine and Nordic skiing is predominantly downhill and used fixed-heel bindings. Getting to the top of the hill is achieved via cable car making it a lot easier than cross country skiing. This makes this pastime ever so popular for skiers of any ages and skill set, and it’s also lots of fun!

Summertime Physical Activities for Parkinson’s Sufferers

Activities for people with Parkinson's Disease

Cycling – Adaptive and recumbent cycling are a very popular summer activities for a wide range of demographics, particularly individuals with Parkinson’s disease. Due to the lack of impact on joints and muscles, it can make burning fat ever so easy and cycling around some of the more picturesque parts of the UK can also be a great deal of fun. One should be careful not to pick a route that has too many steep hills or challenging terrain, but other than that cycling is a great summer activity for anyone with Parkinson’s.

Hiking & Camping – Similarly, going camping with friends and going hiking around the great British outdoors can be ever so therapeutic. Due to the advances in camping, gone are the days where you are cold and lying on a bumpy ground in a small tent. The added comfort and touch and luxury available now when camping allows you to carry out some more strenuous activities with the knowledge that at the end of the day you will have warm and comfortable lodgings to come back to. Camping and hiking allow you to be active all day which is great for your health and a positive if you have young boisterous children in the family. From finding wood for your fire to finding the perfect spot and trekking around, hiking and camping are one of the best summertime activities for Parkinson’s sufferers of any age. A helpful outdoor store can advise on the most suitable equipment.

Canoeing & Kayaking – Although this one may seem a little daunting for anyone who hasn’t done it before, it is lots of fun and very safe these days for individuals of any skill level. Any type of what is called flat-water boating is very safe and can help people with Parkinson’s to exercise muscle groups they wouldn’t usually touch. Any water based activity is likely to have strict supervision regardless of individual’s abilities. If worried about your own abilities, make sure your instructors are aware of any concerns you have so they can be supportive and put your mind at ease. All things considered, canoeing and kayaking can be a great option for anyone wanting to try something new.

These are just our top six picks, there are a plethora of other Parkinson’s friendly activities to choose from, ranging from football, singing, gardening and even mild climbing. If you are interested in more you can find all the outdoor pursuit venues that offer such facilities online along with communities of like-minded people looking to make the most of life filling their days with outdoor pursuits.

We hope that you find our guide to outdoor activities for individual’s with Parkinson’s helpful. If so, then our news centre has a myriad of other resources just like this one to help as well as helpful advice on how to make alterations to your home while keeping your style and identity and also adding a touch of luxury. We are experts in safe bathroom design and have every product you would ever need to make your life more comfortable.

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